Nature: NPC
Race: Unknown type of Winter Fey
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 17.1 "A Midwinter Night's Shindig"

Information: Enjoys parties and all that they involve, whether it be wild dancing, kegstands, bro-fisting "best buddies" he's only just met, flirting shamelessly with whoever has captured his attention, or just being gregarously enthusiastic in general about the festivities going on.

He has thus far seemed uncharacteristically non-violent and absent of sadism, considering that he's a winter fey connected to Risia, although this doesn't mean that he hasn't crossed some moral lines here and there. His gentle and non-violent friendship-"headbutt" still somehow made Zogzog totally smashing drunk in an instant, and he had no compunctions whatsoever about mind-controlling a person into making out with someone when they didn't want to, simply because Zothicus considered the idea of someone being celibate or asexual to be he same as them being "broken". The fact that this is wrong on SO many levels, and is a disturbing act of sexual violation on his part, didn't even occur to him.

And yet, people somehow seem to find Zothicus just too likeable to be upset about these things (at least thus far), and given the "pull out your organs while you're still alive" behavior of his fellow fey it does seem like his type of assault and victimization is easily misunderstood as more "benign" by comparison. Then again, it hasn't seemed like Zothicus does these things because he wants to hurt or mistreat others, or that he enjoys causing misery in the way that the rest of his companions do, but rather that he's blissfully unconcerned about how his merrymaking and happy antics affects those around him.

It's an open question as to whether this actually makes it better or not.

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