Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Gargantuan
CR: 15

First Encountered: 28.3 "Apple of Discord"

Description: ''This towering, three-tailed, six-eyed beast seems like 3 rune-backed serpents partially melded together into one body.''

"Its scaly shape surrounded by a susurrus of serpentine syllables, the terrible head of a gigantic snake-like terror slowly rises. Bristling with spines, the thing’s body looks like 3 massive snakes twisted in an unbreakable embrace, splitting only at the tail, which lashes like a trio of flensing whips.

Along the thing's length runs a pattern of writhing runes, shapes that waver and reform with each terrible undulation. Three pairs of eyes, each burning with terrible intellect, crown its hooded visage, while below gapes a maw crowded with venom-dripping fangs the length of longswords."

Most measure approximately 40 feet in length and weigh upward of 16 tons.

They can instantly change their shape into that of any humanoid, but not matter how hard they try or how perfect their disguises, their assumed form always retains at least one serpentine trait that gives them away (such as slitted eyes, fangs, scaled skin, etc).

Information: Fiends hailing from the darkest reaches of Shavarath, xacarbas are manipulation and destruction intertwined. With their infamous ability to redirect spells, these serpentine goliaths wreak havoc on the mind as well as the body, turning allies against one another and reveling in the destruction doing so produces.

Where they trod they encourage works of great and wondrous magic regardless of morality. Xacarbas are bringers of knowledge and whisperers of secrets, but also the embodiments of all things that man was not meant to know.

A xacarba’s bite can afflict an opponent with one of 3 separate poisons: "Fiendish Bile" (1d4 Str dmg, +2d8 dmg for good victims), "Mysterious Blood" (1d4 Dex & 1d4 Wis dmg, plus confusion), or "Vile Disjunction" (targeted "greater dispel magic" on victim, every round).

The younger and simpler among them them revere The Mockery, and see themselves as carrying out his divine will when they turn ally against ally and make army after army kill itself with "friendly fire". But once they grow to be more cunning and insightful, the vast majority become devotees of The Shadow.

These more patient, far-seeing xacarbas of the Shadow will frequently seek out promising students of magic, eager to aid in their instruction. Although their disguises are always flawed, the snake-like fiends regularly masquerade as masked wizards, cloaked scholars, and veiled wisemen, performing elaborate deceptions in order to assemble small cults of adherents or even a single student.

Peppering ridiculous claims with true arcane secrets, these xacarbas drive their followers to test the limits of their abilities, encouraging their vanity and feelings of superiority. In the end, most xacarbas’ victims self-destruct, either going on arcane rampages or falling victim to their own miscast magic, typically ignorant of their master’s true nature or his manipulations.

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