Nature: City
Type: Metropolis & Capital
Nation: Breland
Population: 80'870

The second largest city in Breland, Wroat serves as the Brelish capital and a center of trade and commerce. Not as densely populated or as overwhelming as Sharn, Wroat nevertheless holds its own as one of the great cities of Khorvaire. Wroat, whose skyline stretches along both sides of the Howling River, is located at the junction where that waterway meets the Dagger River. Two large temples — one dedicated to the Sovereign Host, the other to the Silver Flame — dominate the Street of Worship. Other impressive structures include Brokenblade Castle, Parliament Hall, the Citadel, the Wroat campus of Morgrave University, and the Galifar Museum.

As the nation’s capital, Wroat is a hotbed of political activity. The aristocracy and the elected members of parliament spend a lot of time here, debating the issues of the day and keeping the wheels of government turning. Diplomats from all over the world maintain lodgings and embassies in the city’s Foreign District. The crown operates out of Brokenblade Castle, where King Boranel and his family live and work for a sizable portion of the year. The heads of all the royal agencies also operate out of Wroat, where they can be close to both the king and the parliamentary leaders. Boranel’s court travels with the king, but it displays all of its grandeur and majesty here in the capital city.

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