Wroann's Gate

Nature: Location
Type: Caravan district in Sharn
Ward: Lower Tavick's Landing
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (2), average lodging (20), poor lodging (60), average food (38), poor food (120), average trades (40), poor trades (60), average services (40), poor services (60)

First Impression: Hordes of people stream through the enormous gate of Sharn. A continuous flood of traffic and noise fills the streets, and skycoaches fill the air.


When people come to Sharn by the Old Road, they come to Wroann’s Gate. Originally, the district was known as the Gate of Galifar, but when the Last War began the people chose to show their support for their first queen. It is an awesome site — a massive arch opening into an enormous tower, topped by a titanic statue of Queen Wroann holding a scepter in one hand and a sword above her head.

Compared to Terminus, Wroann’s Gate sees far more local traffic — farmers from the surrounding areas bringing their goods to market, lords returning from Wroat, merchant caravans, and messengers and travelers of all description. Otherwise, the two districts are very similar, and House Sivis, House Deneith, and House Vadalis all offer the same services here that they do in Terminus.


Lower Northedge ward
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Terminus district ◄West Wroann's Gate East► Outside the city
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Cogsgate district

Above: Cornerstone
Below: Blackbones
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