Warforged Juggernaut

Nature: Prestige Class

Some believe that the ultimate expression of the warforged experiment is the juggernaut, a path that allows warforged to become more and more like true constructs and less like their living creators.

As a machine of war, the juggernaut is among the best at dealing damage and sustaining punishment. Some warforged refuse to take up the mantle of juggernaut because it accentuates their construct heritage at the cost of their living aspects. Nonetheless, for a warforged who wants to become an engine of destruction, the juggernaut prestige class is one of the best roads by which to get there.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features Bonus Feats Crafted Perfection
1 ●Maneuver Momentum Spiked Body
●Powerful Charge
2 ●Extended Charge ●Improved (BR/O)
●Charge Through
●Nonlethal damage
●Regen & Fast Heal
3 ●Spiky Collission ●Bull Rush Strike ●50% Fortification
●Cure, ●Eat/drink
4 ●Speeding Charge ●Greater Overrun ●75% ●Necromancy
●Death effects
5 ●Massive Frame ●Improved
Powerful Charge
●100% ●All Healing
●Ability dmg & drain


Race: Warforged. BaB: +5.
Feats: Power Attack, Improved (Bull Rush or Overrun)
Special: Innate (not item-given) DR 2 / Adamantine or better (f.ex. from the "Adamantine Body" feat, taking the "Damage Reduction" warforged feat twice, being a 10th lvl Barbarian, etc).

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d12. Skill Ranks: 2 +Int mod.
Bab: Good. High Saves: Fortitude.
Class Skills: Climb, Craft (any 1 type that can be used to repair warforged), Intimidate, Swim.

Class Features

1.Maneuver Momentum (Ex): Gets a bonus on Maneuver checks & Maneuver Defense = (levels in this Prestge Class), but only when it applies to the Bull Rush & Overrun maneuvers.

2.Extended Charge: Base land speed increases by +5 feet whenever character is making a charge, bull rush maneuver or overrun maneuver.

2.Bonus Feat, "Improved (BR/O)": The character gains either "Improved Bull Rush" or "Improved Overrun" as a bonus feat, whichever they didn't already have.

3.Spiky Collission: Whenever you succeed at a bull rush or overrun maneuver. you can make an attack with the armor spikes from the "Spiked Body" feat as a Swift action, using your highest BaB.

4.Speeding Charge: Base land speed increases by another +5 feet (for a total of +10 ft) whenever the character is making a charge, bull rush maneuver or overrun maneuver.

5.Massive Frame: Any Size modifier or Size-based conditions treat the character as if they were 1 size category larger than they actually are whenever it applies to Maneuvers (whether it's Bonus or Defense), provided that this is to the character's advantage. This also applies whenever the character's size determines whether or not a creature's (physical) ability can affect them or not (f.ex. being swallowed whole).

In addition, the character can use weapons made for someone 1 size larger than them without problem, ans their unarmed damage & armor spikes deal damage as if the character was 1 size larger than they actually are.

Finally, the character also counts as 1 size larger when it comes to qualifying for Feat Prerequisites, when this is to the character's advantage.

Crafted Perfection

A warforged that follows the path of the juggernaut seeks to improve itself by embracing its construct heritage. As a juggernaut advances in levels, it abandons what it considers the weaknesses of the living construct form to gain qualities more indicative of true constructs. This makes them immune to many of the weaknesses that plague living beings, but that same process also deprives them of certain of the benefits that comes from being alive.

Reserved: ●Character suffers a penalty = (levels in this Prestige Class) on all uses Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive.
●Other non-warforged people get a penalty = (1/2 character's lvls in PrC, minimum -1) on using those skills against the Juggernaut.

Durable: Any permanent & innate Damage Reduction the character has (not item-granted or temporary values), such as that granted by the "Damage Reduction" warforged feat and the Barbarian class, can actually stack with each other, within the limits of common sense & GM fiat.

Fortification: Odds of ignoring extra damage from Critical Hits & Sneak attacks improve as follows:
3rd lvl: 50 %. 4th lvl: 75 %. 5th lvl: 100 %.

Level 2: ●Immunity to Nonlethal damage.
●Can't benefit from Regeneration or Fast Healing, unless it can affect an mindless construct.

Level 3: ●Immunity to magics of the (healing) subschool that heal HP damage.
●No longer benefits from the spells & magic items that require you to eat or drink, like "heroes’ feast" (but not potions).

Level 4: ●Immunity to Death Effects.
●Immunity to Necromancy effects (unless they can affect mindless constructs and/or objects).

Level 5: ●Immunity to all Ability Damage & Ability Drain.
●No longer benefits from magics of the (healing) subschool, nor are they affect by any use of "Channel Energy" (positive or negative), unless it can affect mindless constructs.


New Feats

Powerful Charge

Prerequisites: BaB +1, Medium size or larger.

Benefit: You gain the "powerful charge" universal monster ability, which adds a certain amount of extra damage on a successful charge attack. The amount of damage is based on your size, as follows:
Size Medium Large Huge Gargnt. Colossal
Dmg +1d6 +2d6 +3d6 +4d6 +6d6

This feat only works when you make a charge, and only to the first melee attack made (if you can make more than one). It doesn't work when you're mounted.

Improved Powerful Charge

Prerequisites: Powerful Charge, BaB +5.

Benefit: Treat the bonus damage from "Powerful Charge" as if you were 1 size category larger than you are, to a max of +6d6.

Juggernaut Characters

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