Warden Towers


Nature: Location
Type: Garrison district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Middle Menthis
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Garrison building, temple (Dol Dorn), average lodging (20), poor lodging (4), upscale food (8), average food (15), poor food (15), upscale trades (15), average trades (33), poor trades (28), average services (40), average residences (160), poor residences (40).

First Impression: Some guards of the Watch march to and fro in groups, while others stand at attention, and still others drill for combat. Shouted commands and marching songs fill the air.


Warden Towers is the home of Menthis Plateau's Watch garrison, which includes 450 guards responsible for keeping order in the whole plateau. It also houses a small community of Lhazaar immigrants, many of whom have joined the Watch. This community also spills into Forgelight Towers and Downstairs, both in Lower Menthis.

Warden Towers Locations

Thuranne d'Velderan's Investigative Services


Middle Central Plateau ward
North ▲
Middle Dura ward ◄West Warden Towers East► Everbright district
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Cassan Bridge district

Above: Ivy Towers
Below: Forgelight Towers
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