CL 18th
Aura Strong necromancy
and transmutation
circle of death,
& keen edge
Nature: Magic Weapon Ability
Cost: +5 bonus
Limit: Only Slashing melee weapons

Allows the weapon to sever the heads of those it strikes.

●Requires an attack roll of natural 20 & a successful confirmation of the critical hit.
●This causes the weapon to sever the target's head from its body (if it has a head).

●Some creatures, such as many aberrations and all oozes, have no heads.
●Others, such as golems and undead creatures (other than vampires), aren't affected by the loss of their heads.
●Some creatures have special rules for losing a head (F.ex: Hydras become more powerful from it. An ettin has 2 heads, and so can survive it).

●Most other creatures, however, die when their heads are cut off.

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