Vera Taleworth

Race: Khoravar
Gender: Female
Occupation: Herbalist/Apothecary & Midwife

Description: Tawny brownish hair, green eyes, glasses. In her mid-fifties, a bit below average height. Usually seen with a warm smile on her face.

Information: Lives with her wife in Oakbridge (Middle Northedge), where she works out of the first story of their house, dispensing herbs and medicine. She also works as a midwife and prides hersel on having delivered babies of all races (save Warforged). She's currently spending most of her free time distributing missing-person flyers and posters for her step-daughter, who ran away from home, focusing her efforts in the Northedge and Menthis Wards. After her Step-daughter came back home she's no longer trying to find her.

Her parents were originally from Cyre and to her knowledge she has no living relatives.


  • Sirila Willowmill - Wife, a teacher in Oakbridge.
  • Aithea Willowmill (aka. Ti'ana) - step-daughter, ran away from home a few months ago ((~one month before the start of the campaign)).
  • Seranah Willowmill - Sister-in-law.
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