Nature: Location
City: Sharn (Dragoneyes district, in Lower Tavick's Landing)
Proprietor: Velvet

This luxurious inn specializes in fulfilling fantasies. While companions of all races and genders can be found here (though most are in fact doppelgangers or changelings), a client can enjoy the company of anyone he or she desires. A portrait is preferred, but madame Velvet can pluck images from the mind of a client, drawing out appearance, mannerisms, and other desired traits.

The appearance of rooms can be adjusted to fulfill a specific scenario. While companionship is certainly sold at Velvet’s, it is not always what people want. A client may want to practice a wedding proposal. A barrister may go to Velvet’s to relive a glorious triumph in the courtroom. A lonely traveler may want to spend one night at home with his wife and family, even if they are only facsimiles.

Velvet’s can make all of these happen. The cost of such elaborate scenarios is considerably higher than a standard inn or brothel, but Velvet’s does provide an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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