Nature: NPC
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male

First Appeared: 4.2 "The Show Must Go On"

Description: While large and unwieldy, even compared to other warforged, this tends to be overlooked when Utility isn't on the job, as he dresses himself up in such flamboyant outfits that it's hard to notice anything else. Intense colours, multiple layers of flowing fabric, frills and ruffs everywhere, and the most wide-brimmed hat available, with large peacock-featheres jauntily placed at the back of it.

Information: Great admirer of the ballerina Aera d'Phiarlan, and in his naïveté he ended up stalking her in a creepy way, because he believed there was no way someone like him would ever be allowed to actually meet with her.

Works in a haberdashery. Takes fashion and clothing very seriously.

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