Quori, Usvapna (Dream Masters)
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Quori

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Large
CR: 11

Description: ''The creature before you seems to have stepped out of your nightmares. Four pincer-tipped limbs emerge from a massive torso, and a snakelike tail coils about a legless body as it floats in mid-air. A void of inky blackness sits where the creature’s head should be, and you can feel its malevolence.''

In their natural forms, usvapna quori tower up to 10 feet tall.
They have formidable psionic powers.

Information: Usvapnas are the assassins, spies and inquisitors of the Dreaming Dark, serving Dal Quor relentlessly and unquestioningly. They serve the hashalaqs, and they revel in destroying any threat to the Dreaming Dark's plans. The dream masters also sow discontent and worse in mortal minds.

When the quori were driven from Eberron long ago, the usvapnas were directed to prepare for an eventual return to the material world. Over the millennia, usvapna quori have visited countless mortals, invading their dreams and planting the seeds for a quori return. Now, with Riedra growing in strength, they scour the dreams of mortals, searching for any threat to the new order.

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