Upper Northedge

Nature: Location
Type: Upper Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Northedge

Population: 4'200
Social: Upper class
Areas: Elf neighborhood, wealthy residential (2)
Businesses: Upscale and exotic elven craftwork.

Character: Wealthy, but not ostentatious. Calm and peaceful.

Key Personalities

Dantian d'Lyrandar (male khoravar)
Haras Kant (male human)
Ilia Merith (female human)
Councilor Maza ir'Thadian (f elf)
High Priest Mayne Jhaelian (m elf)
Tanar Mendyrian (male elf)


Upper Northedge is home to those who have the wealth to purchase a manor in the clouds, but who wish to avoid the bustle of Upper Central. This ward also houses the majority of Sharn’s population of elves.

Upper Northedge Districts

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