Upper Menthis

Nature: Location
Type: Upper Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau

Population: 7'800
Social: Upper middle class
Areas: University, fine shops, wealthy residences, average residences, gnome neighborhood
Businesses: Upscale and specialized, including many literate trades.

Character: Wealthy and educated, strongly influenced by the presence of Morgrave University.

Key Personalities:
Councilor Thurik Davandi (male gnome)
Master Larrian Morgrave (male human)
Flamewind (female gynosphinx)
Dala Arand (female human)
Sonnet (male personality warforged)


Morgrave University might not be the most prestigious university in the Five Nations, but it is the largest educational institution in Sharn. The University strongly influences the character of the Upper Menthis ward, drawing academics, scribes, sages, and students from all over Breland and beyond.

A diverse mix of races and national origins populate Upper Menthis. In addition to the University, Upper Menthis’s role as the crown of Sharn’s entertainment quarter has made a significant impact on the character of the ward, and four major theaters have been established here.


Upper Menthis Districts

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