Upper Dura

Nature: Location
Type: Upper Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Dura

Population: 17'400
Social: Middle class (2 lower class districts)
Areas: Garrison, temple district, shops (2), apartment homes (2), dwarf neighborhood, average residences, adventurer’s quarter.
Businesses: Upscale if a bit on the worn side, with more shops catering to adventurers than in most other districts.

Character: Crowded and bustling. This is not a wealthy ward, but the people are surviving, and some are clearly doing quite well for themselves. While there are a few upscale businesses, the merchants are clearly used to dealing with adventurers and others of questionable character.

Key Personalities:
Asa d'Vadalis (female human)
Aerela Tal (female khoravar)
Commander Lian Halamar (m hobbit)
Councilor Borian Haldorak (m dwarf)
Enlightened Havakhad (m kalashtar)
Hascal d'Ghallanda (male hobbit)
Hellien Clamas Clebdecher (f gnome)
Kestia (female elf)
Kurala d'Jorasco (female hobbit)
Loras d'Kundarak (male dwarf)


Physically and economically, Upper Dura has little in common with the slums and tenements that lie below it. The upper towers were erected over the past few centuries, and the stonework reflects the prosperity of Breland and the city. If the ward is not as fancy or prestigious as Central Plateau or Northedge, at least the streets are clean and in good repair.

However, while many of the people of Upper Dura are successful merchants or crafters, there is a seedy edge to the ward. Beggars can be found throughout the ward, flaunting their afflictions and misfortunes in hopes of earning pity and coppers. Dreamlily dens and other forms of high-class crime can be found in the shadows. The people are comfortable with strangers and others of questionable character — so adventurers are made welcome.

Upper Dura Districts

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