University District

Nature: Location
Type: University district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Upper Menthis
Social: Upper class

Buildings: University buildings - instruction and faculty offices (15), library (5), temple (Aureon), shrine (Path of Light), upscale lodging (20), upscale food (30), upscale (literary) trades - booksellers, stationers, mapsellers, seal makers, etc. (50), upscale (literary) services - scribe, sage, translator, cartographer, etc. (38), dormitories (20), upscale residences (100)

First Impression: Students carrying armloads of scrolls and books hustle to classes, while others sit or stand in circles, discussing the day’s lessons.


The home of Morgrave University, the University District is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge — while making as much profit as possible. From Morgrave itself to the businesses that have sprung up around it, love of learning coexists with love of earning and the two feed happily off each other. If scholarly interest can lead to great profit, or thirst for gold to historical discovery, then the residents of the University District are doubly satisfied.

University District Locations

Art Temple
Golden Horn
Grand Stage
Kavarrah Concert Hall
Haftak's Books and Binding
Sharn Opera House
Stargazer Theater
Morgrave University


Upper Central ward
North ▲
Ivy Towers district
Seventh Tower
◄West University District East► Den'iyas district
Platinate district
▼ South
Upper Tavick's Landing ward

Above: Azure
Below: Everbright
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