Undying Wizard

Nature: Creature
Type: Deathless

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
CR: 2 and up
Magic: As lvl 3+ wizard

Description: "An undead elf in a black tunic stands before you. His last tufts of gray, stringy hair loll over his forehead. His withered hand clutches an ebony wand."

Information: Undying wizards function as artillery in the deathless army guarding Shae Mordai, the City of the Dead, in Aerenal. Like undying soldiers, they resemble zombies, but are much quicker and far more intelligent.

They are sustained by the devotion of its descendants. Vampires, liches, and their ilk are abhorrent creatures that destroy life to preserve their own existence, and they are seen as a perversion of the undying, who retain physical existence so that they might help and serve and guide their living descendants. Where the undead prey on the living, the deathless exist to support and assist them.

Because these troops are charged with protecting the holiest city of an ancient and powerful people, they are armed well. Most carry wands of "lightning bolt", but others carry wands of "glitterdust", "bull's strength", "true strike", "enlarge person", "web", "grease", "stinking cloud", & "fireball".

In combat they look to cast spells and use their wands from cover. If cornered they cast defensively, having no fear of death but not wishing to compromise their defense of the Undying Court.

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