Undying Soldier

Nature: Creature
Type: Deathless

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
CR: 2 and up

Description: "An undead-looking elf armed for war. It wears a fine breastplate and helm, and it carries a shortspear and heavy shield. It must be something other than a zombie, for it has a definite spark of intelligence in its eyes."

Information: Undying soldiers make up the army of Aerenal's City of the Dead. They superficially resemble zombies, though they are reasonably well preserved and move at a normal speed.

The elves’ respect for the dead shines forth in the quality of arms and armor undying soldiers carry. Living warriors might wear ordinary studded leather, but undying soldiers always wear masterwork medium armor or better, and their weaponry is masterwork as well.

Undying soldiers are skilled and intelligent warriors, which can prove quite surprising to opponents expecting to fight shambling, mindless zombies. They are equally capable of fighting in tight formation or skirmishing in loose bands, but always coordinate their attacks and make good use of positioning on the battlefield.

A family estate may have an honor guard of undying soldiers, but the majority of the undying gather in Shae Mordai, the City of the Dead. Regardless of family, all Aereni respect the undying as heroes of their race and always treat them with respect and deference.

They are sustained by the devotion of its descendants. Vampires, liches, and their ilk are abhorrent creatures that destroy life to preserve their own existence, and they are seen as a perversion of the undying, who retain physical existence so that they might help and serve and guide their living descendants. Where the undead prey on the living, the deathless exist to support and assist them.

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