Undying Councilor

Nature: Creature
Type: Deathless

Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
CR: 9 and up

Description: "This elf is draped in finery and jewels, and it wears an elaborate headdress with a skull motif. Its leathery skin stretches tight over its face, and its eyes are nearly colorless"

Information: Undying councilors make up the bulk of the elven Undying Court, a sort of council of elders who advise and assist the elf nation of Aerenal, all of whom happen to be long dead.

Similar in some ways to undead mummies, undying councilors are the well-preserved corpses of ancient elves, still animated by their benevolent spirits. They spend much time in a sleep-like state in which their spirits wander the planes (via their innate "astral projection" spell-like ability), but return to full wakefulness when needed or threatened.

They are sustained by the devotion of its descendants. Vampires, liches, and their ilk are abhorrent creatures that destroy life to preserve their own existence, and they are seen as a perversion of the undying, who retain physical existence so that they might help and serve and guide their living descendants. Where the undead prey on the living, the deathless exist to support and assist them. Regardless of family, all Aereni respect the undying as heroes of their race and always treat them with respect and deference.

They have unnatural strength and useful spell-like abilities for defending their resting places from intruders. They prefer to parlay rather than fight, but attack would-be tomb robbers without hesitation or mercy.

Cleansing (Su): Evil creatures hit by an undying councilor's slam attack must make a DC 19 Fortitude save or contract an affliction called "cleansing". This is a curse effect.

Spell-Like Abilities: CL 12. Save DC's are Wisdom-based
At will: astral projection (self only), dispel evil (DC 20), greater command (DC 20), mark of justice, righteous might, scrying (DC 20)
3/day: dispel magic, heal (DC 21), holy smite (DC 19)
1/day: blade barrier (DC 21).

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