Nature: Creature
Type: Undead

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Gargantuan
CR: 19

Description: "Crusted with rock, this immense skeletal figure flies swiftly through the air, strange gasses clinging to its nightmarish form."

A tzitzimitl is 50 feet tall.

Information: Tzitzimimeh (the plural form of the singular word "tzitzimitl") are enigmatic creatures of darkness, and some cultures claim they attack and consume entire suns to “shut down worlds” in preparation for the end of days. Sages say that these creatures come from the cold, dark places between the stars, and that in the darkness of any eclipse, one can see the immense, world-darkening shadows of the tzitzimimeh.

Some stories claim that ancient and forgotten deities of death and destruction created the first tzitzimimeh as instruments of apocalypse, while others speculate they come from faraway worlds where immense planets teem with creatures of this scale, and that the immortal dead of these dark globes are banished to other worlds to spread devastation.


The tzitzimimeh as a whole offer neither affirmation nor denial for these claims, and in fact seem to glory in such legends. Certainly, the arrival of a tzitzimitl upon a world heralds the advent of a time of great trouble, although whether or not the tzitzimitl is actually an omen or warning of such dark times, or whether it is the cause of them, is a matter of debate.

On some world, tzitzimimeh have already arrived, yet they lie dormant in ancient tombs, imprisoned ages ago by heroes who are long forgotten.

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