Twelve Pillars

Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (professionals)
Ward: Upper Tavick's Landing
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Temple (Sovereign Host), shrine (Silver Flame, Kol Korran), average lodging (15), upscale food (11), average food (25), exotic trades (11), upscale trades (15), average trades (40), upscale services (40), average services (80), upscale residences (40), average residences (80), other (2).

First Impression: A host of small businesses are interspersed with pleasant houses and a few manor towers. Barristers, architects, scribes, translators, and members of other skilled professions offer their services here, along with a few more exotic — and expensive — trades.


All work and no play means you have come to Twelve Pillars. The inhabitants of this district are serious about what they do, and are generally quite good at their trades. The exotic trades include a calligrapher; an importer of (legal) Riedran goods, notably sculptures; and a dealer in exotic cheeses. The district derives its name from the courthouse at its center, a structure surrounded by twelve massive pillars, each made from a different type of stone. Each pillar is topped with a statue of one of the Lord Mayors of Sharn. As the pillars are all filled, there has been some discussion as to how to honor the more recent mayors.

Twelve Pillars Locations

Twelve Pillars Courthouse


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