Quori, Tsucora (Night Terrors)
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Quori

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 7

First Encountered: 10.4 "Midnight Madness"
& 11.4 "Dangerous Minds" ("A Psionic Werewolf in Sharn" part 1 & 2)

Description: ''A nightmarish creature slithers toward you. Its headless torso is covered with eyes and twitching limbs. Two massive arms sprout from the top of the torso, ending in powerful pincers. The creature is covered with plates of black chitin, and its serpentine tail sports a vicious stinger.''

A tsucora stands about 5 feet tall, although its long serpentine body makes it seem larger.

Information: Tsucoras are among the weakest and most numerous quori of Dal Quor. When they are not serving in the great cities of their nightmare realm, they hunt the dreaming spirits of mortals. Most tsucoras are cruel and calculating; they enjoy having power over others and concoct elaborate schemes to advance their own positions and discredit their rivals.

They form the masses of Dal Quor. Constantly jockeying for position, tsucoras hope to be reincarnated as a more powerful servant of the Dark. Their plans are as often for the ruination of a competitor as they are for the furthering of the il-Lashtavar's plans. None want to return to life as a lowly tsoreva.

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