True Neutral

Nature: Alignment
Concept: Moderate

Definition: Unwilling to harm strangers for personal gain, but won't make personal sacrifice for them. Won't obey law if it opposes personal needs, but obeys it until has reason not to.

Description: Those who aren't selfless enough to be good, but not selfish enough to be evil. Those who might care about their loved ones, but won't sacrifice too much for someone they don't care about. Those who may not believe in the importance of following the law, but who does so because it's easier, until they have a reason to break the rules. Those who like being somewhat independent, but not to the point where they might have to make a stand about it, or who think personal freedom is fine as long as it's within certain limits.

In short, True Neutral is for those who aren't strongly enough predisposed for any of the other alignments, and so fall squarely between all of them.

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