Nature: NPC
Race: Gancanagh (a type of Azata)
Allegiance: The concepts of Love & Romance
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 26.2 "Sins of the Father"

Information: One of the wandering celestial knights of heroism and freedom who roams the various dimensions, defeating tyrants and saving innocents in need wherever he randomly ends up going.

Like all his kin he's an inveterate flirt, able to find the beauty worth loving in most people he encounters, and willing to spend the time and effort to focus on one individual at a time in order to court them properly and make them feel as loved as they deserve to be.

Was summoned up by Alkas in order to provide assistance when the characters were hired to investigate a potential sinister cult in the town of Harrowton, a task he was so willing to help out with that he didn't even request the payment that's normally to be expected. Part of this might be because of the very friendly treatment he received from his summoner, and the two of them got along quite well whenever the mission gave them some spare time for it.

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