Baron Trelib d'Medani

Nature: NPC
Race: Khoravar
Class: Rogue 7 / Master Inquisitive 2
Allegiance: House Medani
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male

Information: He oversees house activities and controls the Warning Guild from an enclave in Wroat. He is a powerful and influential friend of Breland’s King Boranel, and though the houses are supposed to carry on their mercantile operations at a neutral distance ffom the nobility of Khorvaire, this friendship often causes the house to deal more favorably with Breland than with the rest of the Five Nations.

Trelib is known to have supplied a number of Medani operatives to Boranel's court, and is also personally charged with discovering who assassinated Boranel's first wife, Queen Chaseva. Those close to Trelib speak of his utter devotion to solving the murder, but all his efforts to date have proved fruitless.

Though this close relationship angers many outside Breland (nobles and dragonmarked alike), some brelish folk have their own concerns. Within the King's Dark Lanterns, high-placed operatives wonder openly whether Boranel is in fact being played by the Medani - and whether Trelib's long years of friendship have enabled him to place deep-cover agents within the ranks of the Brelish court or the Lanterns themselves.

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