Nature: Location
Type: Marketplace district in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Middle Central
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Kol Korran), average lodging (9), average food (45), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (50), average trades (140), poor trades (40), upscale services (20), average services (60), poor services (20)

First Impression: This district is awash in colorful signs and tents. The shouts of barkers rise above the noise of shoppers, and a dozen scents — from sweet perfumes to sizzling meats — fill the air.


Tradefair, the mercantile hub of the Central Plateau, boasts the quarter’s only open-air marketplace, along with a thriving collection of trades and services.

Tradefair Locations

Tradefair Market


The Middle Dura ward Middle Northedge ward
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Middle Dura ward
Ambassador Towers district
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Sovereign Towers district
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Ambassador Towers district Sovereign Towers district

Above: Platinum Heights
Below: North Towers
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