Nature: Location
Type: Theater district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Lower Menthis
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Theaters (9), temple (Olladra), poor lodging (40), poor food (75), poor trades (90), poor services (115), poor residences (60).

First Impression: Noisy crowds press into crowded theaters, and the sounds of bawdy music and roaring audiences fill the streets.


Torchfire is the most notorious district in Menthis, though its offerings are relatively tame compared to those of Firelight. Its theaters, particularly the Ten Torches, are known for racy musical comedy designed to appeal to rowdy audiences.

Torchfire Locations

Ten Torches Theater


Lower Central ward
North ▲
Center Bridge district ◄West Torchfire East► Lower Tavick's Landing
▼ South
Firelight district

Above: Smoky Towers
Below: Blackbones
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