Tools & Kits
GEAR Cost Weight
Flametouched Iron
Holy symbol
750 gp 1 lb
Glyphbook 20 gp 2 lbs
Inquisitive’s kit 300 gp 4 lbs
Warforged repair kit 50 gp 1 lb
Wizard's Spellshard 3 gp 1/2 lb
Nature: Equipment

Flametouched Iron Holy Symbol: A holy symbol sacred to the Church of the Silver Flame is made from flametouched iron. It allows a character who can use the feats or class abilities "Turn undead" or "Censure fiends" to do so as if his class level were 1 level higher than it actually is. A character who does not normally have these abilities don't gain it by virtue of wielding such a holy symbol.

Glyphbook: Despite its name, this book offers no help in dealing with magical glyphs of warding. Rather, it is a guide to the ancient scripts of Xen'drik, useful in deciphering inscriptions found within the cyclopean ruins that litter that continent. Far from complete or comprehensive, a glyph book presumes a certain familiarity with ancient scripts to begin with (at least 1 rank in Linguistics). It grants a +4 circumstance bonus on Linguistics checks made to read inscriptions in Xen’drik ruins.

Inquisitive’s Kit: Made popular by freelance inquisitives, this kit contains some of the most often-used tools of the investigation trade. It includes containers of various shapes and sizes made of glass, metal, and wood; fine silk gloves; mundane dusts and brushes; tweezers, picks, and probes; a magnifying lens; ink and quills; chalk and charcoal; parchment sheets; and a small journal for recording notes. It grants a +4 circumstance bonus on Perception checks made to investigate the scene of a crime or other mystery.

Warforged Repair Kit: Containing a variety of organic and inorganic materials (much like the warforged themselves) and specialized tools, this kit grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft checks made to repair damage to a warforged.

Wizard's Spellshard (blank): A wizard can mystically imprint spells into an Eberron dragonshard rather than physically writing them into a spellbook. A single spellshard is about the size of a human fist and holds the equivalent of 20 pages of spells.

Imprinting a spell into a spellshard takes 24 hours and requires the wizard to cast "arcane mark". This unusual use of arcane mark requires a material component of powdered silver worth 100 gp per page.

Once this process is complete, the wizard can concentrate on the shard in order to bring any spell stored in it into focus; the spell appears as silvery writing within the swirling colors of the shard.

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