Nature: Player Character
Player: Torstein F. S.

Birth Name: Aithea Willowmill
Race: Khoravar
Origins: Sharn
Current Residence: Hareth's Folly
Religion: The Sovereign Host
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Good
Theme Song: Morning Sky (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles opening theme)



Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair: Honey-blonde (strongly coloured)
Eyes: Green, amber spot in right eye iris.
Height: ~165cm
Body: Relatively slight build, not quite thin. Fit but not overly athletic.

Clothing: Varies, for adventuring - sturdy adventure gear, for working in a tavern - what you'd expect out of a barmaid. She usually has some form of ornament in her hair however no matter what however. And often has some form of hat. Her one constant, is a long hairclasp made of thin interwoven willowbranches, which she wears at the back of her head, below and behind her ears.

Oher traits: Usually seen with an instrument, excelent at playing string instruments and also competent at singing and telling tales. Will do all three (usually at the same time) if she gets the chance. Usually cheery and outgoing, seemingly not knowing how to pace herself. Also rash and naive, and at times a bit more flirty than it seems she has real experience with. She's always humming, whistling or even singing to herself when not actively interacting with others.

Related: Sirila Willowmill (mother, works as a teacher in Oakbridge), Vera Taleworth (step-mother, works as a herbalist/apothecary and midwife in Oakbridge), Taile Cordata (father, died in the war), Seranah Willowmill (aunt, alive, lives at and manages the old family sawmill), The Wobbly Perch Tavern (workplace)


A young Khoravar woman, just turned adult. Slightly below average height with long honey-coloured hair which can at times take on a tinge of copper in the right light (such as when framed by a wonderful sunset).

Energetic, cheery and full of smiles, wonder and naivete. This young bard can brighten up any place with her music, songs and stories. A dreamer and a poet, she's open and trusting to a fault. Thought if pressed it's clear she still holds some secrets.

She works at the Wobbly Perch tavern as a barmaid, and has now taken up adventuring to supplement her income and allow herself to take more performing jobs and fewer hours cleaning tables and serving customers.

When working at the tavern she's dressed in a typical plain barmaid's outfit, but when wandering the streets she'll put on more adventurous atire, with a leather jacket over a blouse, both open as to show some cleavage (though not as much as one might expect). Wearing a plain and sturdy (though stylish) skirt over equally sturdy trousers and wearing good solid boots. She's always carrying some odds and ends and is rarely seen without an instrument at hand when she's not at work. She favours hats and can usually be seen wearing one or other. She's also always got a long hairclasp made of thin interwoven willowbranches in her hair. She carries a locket around her neck, and can sometimes be seen looking at the pictures within. She usually keeps an instrument close when not at work.

On a sunny day she can sometimes be seen strolling with a nice-looking (but relatively cheap make) parasol.

She lives and does most of her business in Hareth's Folly, but can also at times be seen around the rest of Middle Dura (typically the Bazaar district) and on occasion in Torchfire (Lower Menthis) where she'll go to one of the many theatres to watch a new play (or an old one she's fond of).

She's reluctant about her past, but will let slip if pressed that she used to live with her parents in Oakbridge (Middle Northedge) before she started working, having lived in Smoky Towers (Middle Menthis) when she was a child.

Her self-appointed nickname is taken from a favourite fictional work and means "storyteller" in a fictional language.

Backstory (OOC Knowledge)

Born to a middle class teacher and a soldier. Her father died in the war shortly after she was born. She grew up with her mother and step-mother, living in Smoky Towers (Middle Menthis).

She was often taken to theatre showings in Torchfire once she was old enough to behave, gained a love for the entertainment industry and was tutored in various instruments by a university student, she also had various university students as tutors, but though she was a sharp learner she wasn't often keen on sitting down and being taught book-knowledge. When she was finally pressed down in a chair to read on a topic however, she could sit and read for hours on end, absorbing the knowledge with a focus which would be hard to break even for meals.

When she was 13 her small family moved to Middle Northedge into a better quality residence along with a slightly higher class of work (her parents more or less worked their way from low middle to (albeit barely) upper middle class). They settled neatly in Oakbridge where her mother had found better work as a teacher, earning many new friends, without forgetting her old ones.

As she was coming of age she noticed a pattern on her skin, when she realised it was a dragonmark she burst with excitement, which shortly turned to horror as she came to the conclusion that hers didn't fit any of the dragonmarked houses, that her mark was an Aberrant one.

She ran away from home 1 month ago and found work at the Wobbly Perch Tavern in Hareth's Folly (Middle Dura), serving and cleaning tables (and on occasion performing).

Her childhood dream of becoming a real diva at a high profile theater has long since turned into a general desire to perform, she plays string instruments, has a competent singing voice and loves to tell stories, especially when she can do so with string and song.

Her current goal is to one day own her own tavern.. somewhere more respectable than Dura, preferably Middle Menthis, but she wouldn't mind returning to Oakbridge if she dares risk exposing her Dragonmark to her friends there. She hasn't considered the possibility of climbing higher in the city, at least not yet.

She frequents Torchfire, though not as frequently as she'd like due to economic reasons as well as weeks full of work-hours. Whenever she goes there she's nervous that she'll meet someone she knows, maybe someone who's heard she's missing. She strongly fears being found by her family, or them finding out about her Mark. Yet in her heart she wishes nothing more than to be comforted by her mothers.

She's turned towards adventuring to supplement her meager income, secure herself a financial reserve and to slowly work her way upward the same way her parents did.

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