Thunder Tribe

Nature: Tribe of Hobbits
Residence: Talenta Plains
Lath: Taka

A small and ragged band of hobbits, who normally roams around on the far north-northeastern border of the plains, right in the foothills of the Ironroot Mountains where the Mror Holds beghin.

The extremely harsh conditions that struck the continent this past winter affected them harshly, killing or scaring off the already sparse wildlife they hunted for food and destroying much of the vegetation needed to lure in new herds. Hunger and starvation resulted, with many in the tribe dying.

They even had to slaughter many of their own bonded dinosaurs, killing the less useful ones in order to keep the most efficient hunters fed enough to keep bringing in food for everyone. With the plantlife having been scoured away, or buried below impossible depths of snow, just cooking what little they had became difficult. Especially as desperation and hunger forced more and more extreme things onto the menu, whether it was old leather or even tree bark. They soon filed down their teeth to sharp points, simply to make it possible to chew the things they tried to consume.


In the end they lost most of their members, whether they absconded to more promising neighbors or simply wasted away. By now, the tribe that once sported 500 members is down to a meager 60 people or so, most of them the dedicated hunters who were able to track down food on their own, and the scant few dinosaur mounts they managed to keep alive. All of them look malnourished and even more feral than the rest of the residents of the plains.

Their lath (chieftain), a fierce woman known as Taka, constantly had to keep her tribesmen in check, reining them in whenever it seemed they were about to succumb to their urges, and it's clear that she's the reason that any part of the tribe managed to survive the winter at all.

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