Nature: NPC
Race: Warforged
Class: Fighter 3 / Paladin of Dol Arrah 5
Allegiance: The King of Breland
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male personality

Description: Adamantine-plated body

Information: Three has walked beside King Boranel since 976 YK and the Battle of Brey Crossing. Three wasn’t a paladin then, just a warforged fighter serving in the Brelish army. He was part of the forces commanded by King Boranel himself on that day, fighting to repel a Thrane offensive and retake the bridge spanning the Brey River.

When Boranel was cut off from the bulk of the Brelish army, Three and a handful of other warforged battled to his side. Together, Boranel, Three, and the other warforged held the bridge until the rest of the Brelish troops could launch a counterstrike and drive the Thrane forces back to Nathyrr.

Grateful and impressed by the warforged, particularly Three, Boranel had the survivors reassigned to his personal troops. Three became a trusted companion of the king, traveling with him and participating in adventures and battles alongside him. When Three asked if he could study with the paladins of Dol Arrah, King Boranel gave his blessing. Afterward, Three returned to become the King’s Protector, a duty he performs with honor and commitment because he loves the king and is pleased to call him a friend.

It is this respect and friendship, more than anything, which made the King push through the recognition of the warforged as a sentient race at the Treaty of Thronehold, granting them freedom from slavery and the liberty to live their own lives.

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