Nature: Country (theocracy)
Continent: Khorvaire
Type: One of the Five Nations


Nation Basics

Motto: ''Glory to the Silver Flame''
Ruler: Jaela Daran, Keeper of the Silver Flame
Capital: Flamekeep
Anthem: "Light the Way"
Heraldry: A silver sword set beneath the symbol of the Silver Flame.

Climate: Temperate
Population: 2,3 million1 (70% human, 10% khoravar, 9% dwarf, 4% elf, 4% hobbit, 3% other)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling
Area: 500'000 square miles.
Major Cities: Aruldusk, Sigilstar, Thaliost.
Exports: Fine crafts, wool, textiles, missionaries, fruit, livestock
Highest Point: Trumpet Mountain in the Starpeak Range, elevation 10'965.
Founder: Thalin, second scion of King Jarot.



Thranes usually have a personal name followed by a family-based surname.

Male: Alestair, Arrun, Andri, Calemi, Coref, Demodir, Drego, Drosin, Egen, Javi, Jeffin, Kaith, Lukar, Mizar, Ossul, Pentar, Rave, Sercyl, Sudro, Suthar, Syro, Taran, Tokorin, Urdan, Valtar, Vencyl, Verodin, Zoder.

Female: Avaliah, Beref, Chantalyn, Draci, Ghanji, Hariel, Heken, Imperi, Irulan, Jahanah, Kahlia, Lycia, Maradal, Margil, Melindri, Morgana, Narvala, Norah, Nyllestra, Sede, Suspiria, Taris, Thradi, Varikah.

Surnames: Aeyliros, Askarda, Atrelioth, Corliostor, Corus, Desekane, Drosin, Entarro, Eskeliendro, Ghastor, Hetrion, Imaradi, Irvallo, Karavastar, Krayci, Lerendazi, Marktaros, Neskus, Ovion, Ravadanci, Sarhain, Talandro, Tarravan, Teskelyndros, Vanatar, Vasiraghi.


Known Things

Five Edicts of the Church of the Silver Flame:

1. Trust in the Silver Flame. The Voice of the Silver Flame never lies. It will light your way to glory and salvation.

2. Heed the words of the Keeper. The Keeper of the Flame is your emissary. Through the Keeper, the Silver Flame speaks.

3. Fight evil in all its forms. Not everyone can have the strength or conviction of a paladin, but there are many ways to fi ght evil that don’t require one to draw a sword. We must also remain vigilant, for the one thing evil does well is hide in plain sight.

4. Lead a noble life, and encourage others to do the same. Temptations abound, but the wisest of us can recognize and avoid them. If you die with a pure spirit, you will be forever bound with the Silver Flame.

5. Share the faith. The Silver Flame can purify the darkest spirit. Share the power of the Flame with those who have not yet embraced it.


Thrane Speech

The following turns of phrase are uniquely Thrane:

“Crooked!” - An expletive, similar to “drat!”

“Flame forgive me.” - An expression usually preceding or following a nasty curse or insult.

“What filth!” - An expression of discontent or an indication of nonsense, similar to “hogwash!”


People of Thrane

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