Thora Tavin

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 6 / Assassin 3 / Aberrant Heir 4
Allegiance: House Tarkanan
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Female
Residence: Dragon Towers district in the Middle Central ward of Sharn

Description: She is a deadly killer, utterly devoted to her cause, and if she is evil, it is because she will do absolutely anything to protect those who bear aberrant dragonmarks — even if it means killing innocents. She truly sees all who bear aberrant marks as being part of an extended family, and she will not allow her family to be exterminated.

Information: Thora Tavin leads House Tarkanan, a criminal organization structured in mockery of the dragonmarked houses, though she isn't actually related to them. Thora’s residence, a spacious mansion nestled among the towers of the house enclaves, serves as the secret headquarters of her organization. From here, she personally directs a range of criminal and questionable activities throughout the city, with a particular focus on burglary, assassination, forgery, and loan sharking.

Toward the end of the Last War, the Brelish King’s Dark Lanterns assembled a team of spies who all bore aberrant dragonmarks, hoping to harness their powers in the work of espionage. The experiment was a failure, and half the group ended up killed. The King’s Dark Lanterns tried to silence the remnants of the group, but its surviving members fled to Sharn, led by a human woman named Thora Tavin.

Drawing from her extensive education, Thora took up the name of Lord Halas Tarkanan, the warrior who united the bearers of aberrant dragonmarks during the War of the Mark, and formed House Tarkanan as a mockery of the dragonmarked houses. She continues to seek out others who bear aberrant dragonmarks, as well as other skilled spies and criminals, to expand the ranks of her organization. She is driven to learn more about Lord Tarkanan and the aberrant marks that were exterminated during the War of the Mark, and spends much of her organization’s resources funding expeditions into the ruins of UnderSharn.

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