The Oaks

Nature: Location
City: Sharn (Shae Lias district, in Upper Northedge)

Known as one of the finest restaurants in the city, the Oaks rests on one of the vast balconies of the Nowen Tower. Patrons dine in an elaborate, two-story open-air pavilion, surrounded by the living trees from which the restaurant takes its name. The Oaks specializes in exotic Aerenal cuisine, but also serves a variety of traditional Brelish dishes, including pepper cider and spiced daggertrout.

The owner, Maza ir'Thadian, has served as head chef for over 300 years, and is respected throughout the district for her wisdom and common sense. Six years ago, she assumed the position of Councilor for Upper Northedge. As a result, these days she leaves most of the restaurant work to her sons, Meryn and Malys. However, she can still be coaxed to perform her culinary miracles for special patrons.

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