The Korranath

Nature: Location
Type: Temple (Sovereign Host)
City: Sharn (Korranath district, in Upper Central Plateau)
High Priest: Kalphan Riak

The grand temple of Kol Korran is one of the most incredibly ostentatious and elaborate structures in Sharn. Surrounded by a grand colonnade, the interior of the temple rises in a grand dome a hundred feet across covered with gold leaf and studded with precious gems. The tiles in the mosaic floor are made of precious stones as well, and all the sacral objects inside the temple are solid gold. Sightseers and pilgrims regularly crowd the Korranath, milling under the watchful eye of the temple soldiers employed to protect the fabulous wealth inside.

The high priest of the Korranath, appointed by the mayor on an annual basis, is rarely a cleric though he carries out rote ceremonial functions.

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