The Gatehouse

Nature: Location
City: Sharn (Skysedge Park district, in Upper Central Plateau)

In Carosten Park, near the edge of the plateau, stands a small stone building. Passersby generally assume the building belongs to the park caretakers and pay it no heed, but it is actually a sacred site to the sect of druids known as the Gatekeepers.

From this small shrine in the midst of a “natural” site in the City of Towers, the Gatekeepers monitor the manifest zone, the sewers and ruins below, and the activity of powerful spellcasters in Sharn to ensure that no dangerous planar breach appears in the city.

They are not overly concerned with ordinary summoning spells and have little worry that the angels of Syrania are planning an invasion of the Material Plane, but they are deeply worried about recent events in the Depths.

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