The Coldheart
Nature: NPC
Race: Cold-aspected planetouched (like an ifrit, but for frost instead of fire)
Class: Monk 15
Origins: Breland, small farming village in the countryside, not far from Dragon's Crown
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male

First Mentioned: 15.2 "Winter is Coming? Winter Came!"
(and was driving force behind the whole "Chronicles of Risia" plotline in general)
First Encountered: 20.1 "Some Say in Ice"



Had mastered the Marid Style of martial arts, at a minimum, and probably several others as well.

Was convinced by the Player Characters to abandon his plans to become an interdimensional tyrrannical overlord ruling his own pocket-domain populated by a kidnapped & enslaved population, and instead move to Sharn and become an adventurer working for the Wayfinder Foundation.

Because this would be a more efficient & productive way to meet new people, where he wouldn't be a "freak" or stand out as the only "weird" person, and hopefully help him meet someome who likes him for who he is.

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