The Cèilidh Ring

Nature: Druidic Circle
Leader: Cirilli Solirion Santiar
Location: Skysedge Park, mostly.


The Cèilidh Ring (pronounced kay-lee) is a rapidly expanding group of followers of the Green Faith. It is nominally a Greensinger cult, though many of it's rituals cleaves closer to the ways of the Wardens of the Wood, if only because these are more familiar to large parts of it's membership, which also has the (welcome) side-effect of drawing several non-members to participating in the cult's ceremonies. Most of it's members originally hail from the Eldeen Reaches, but now live amongst the immigrants in Skysedge Park. The Park is also where the group holds most of it's meetings and rituals.

The founder, Mr. Santiar, has so far focused on teaching his followers to see the nature in the city outside the park. Sharn has a rich urban flora and fauna, very unlike what you'd see in the wild. Additionally, there are a lot of unusual species of bird, plant, and other animal life in Sharn, including ones that have been influenced by the Syranian manifestation zone.

Personal charisma aside, most members hold an extra degree of reverance for Mr. Santiar due to his strong Fey blood and it's associated magic. Santiar, on his side, treats most members as friends.

Racial Demogracphics

Notable Members

Cirilli Solirion Santiar Gnome Sorc 16: Arcane Druid, Prophet of the Green (not self-styled, originally).
Duran Tullier Human Ranger 14: Hunter and bodyguard of the Prophet. Originally from the Eldeen Reaches.
Wilkins Gorilla, Clever: Clever gorilla.

Mirek Strenger Human Expert 1 /Magewright 5: Blacksmith. Originally from the Eldeen Reaches. Of Karrnathi descent.
Gutter Clawfoot Racial HD 4/Barbarian 2: Retired pit fighter. Works as Cirilli's mount. Often hangs with Batras to "learn the ways of his people". Otherwise a bit of a loner.

Isidro Velazquez-Cardona Human Magewright 4: Cyran expatriate living in Sharn.
Krashk Orc Adept 4: Young adult. Raised as a Gatekeeper, but is fascinated by the fey. His mentors are understandably a bit upset.

Batras Hobbit Druid? Adept? 3: Elderly hobbit shaman from the Talenta Plains. Lost his entire tribe in the War. Cirilli's neighbor in Little Plains. Technically a Mask Weaver, not a Greensinger, but he likes to humor Cirilli. Keeps politely refusing Cirilli's requests for a spirit mask.

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