The Burning Ring

Nature: Establishment/event/place
City: Sharn (Firelight district, in Lower Menthis)

The Burning Ring isn't found in a specific location in Firelight. It moves frequently, as the City Watch keeps trying to shut it down, but it seems to find a place to operate every night. It offers blood sport, gladiator-style combat conducted by amateur and professional warriors.

The combat is real — the combatants use a variety of weapons but wear no armor — and sometimes matches end in death. Ideally, the healer on hand for every fight reaches a fallen combatant before he dies, but sometimes the fallen are beyond help. Death only seems to make the crowds cheer louder.

The ringmaster is Hoas Junter, who has extensive connections to the Daask gang. Sometimes his connections help him bring in a monster as a combatant to the crowd’s utter delight. The monster usually wins.

Finding the Burning Ring on any given night requires a DC 20 "Gather Info" Diplomacy check, which must be made in Firelight or Torchfire.

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