The Bazaar

Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (marketplace & shops)
Ward: Middle Dura
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Sovereign Host), shrines (the Keeper, Kol Korran), average lodging (24), average food (85), exotic trades (30), upscale trades (60), average trades (300), poor trades (110), upscale services (20), average services (100), poor services (40)

First Impression: The crowd and noise of this district are overwhelming. In addition to the shops and stalls, the streets are full of people offering questionable goods and deals; it seems like everyone has something to sell. The Watch maintains a strong presence in the Bazaar, but they are more concerned with preventing riots than in stopping trade of illegal goods.


The Bazaar of Dura, the largest commercial district in Sharn, sprawls out across a dozen towers. The towers around the edges are devoted to shops and services. Almost anything can be found in this district, though the quality of any particular item or service cannot be guaranteed. At the center of the district, the open market from which the district takes its name presents a labyrinth of shops, tents, and makeshift stalls set up in the middle of the street. A marketplace permit costs only 3 cp, though many people try to avoid even this paltry sum. However, guards who catch such shirkers usually extort far larger sums in exchange for a pass.

Of the four markets of Sharn, the Bazaar has the highest concentration of criminal activity — illegal services and trades, as well as pickpockets, bullies, and con artists. These services are not as obvious as they are in Lower Dura or the Cogs, and quality and prices are not as good, but shopping here is generally safer than venturing to the lawless lower ward. The cost of illegal services is 25% higher. The Boromar Clan controls most of the illegal activities, but Daask has been pressing up from below, and those seeking services may be caught in the middle.

If visitors displays obvious wealth — if they are spreading gold around, wearing glamerweave or impressive magic armor or clothes — they must deal with a constant stream of pleading beggars and con artists. Pickpockets pose a constant threat, and bullies try to lure shoppers into ambushes. When doing business in the Bazaar, it’s best to conceal your wealth.

The Bazaar is a good place to dispose of random acquisitions. Stolen goods aside (those requiring an actual fence), most items can be sold here for 45% of their actual value. The seller can make a DC 10 Charisma check; for every point of success, the sale price is increased by 1%.

Almost any sort of mundane item can be found at the Bazaar, including alchemical goods. A merchant might even have a few magic items in stock, or at least items that he claims are magical. Any magic or masterwork items found in the Bazaar are certainly secondhand, and might have a dubious or intriguing history. The 25'000 gp limit applies to all transactions in the Bazaar.

Bazaar Locations

Caerlyn's Blade
The Shrine of the Keeper


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