HP 65 5d6+13d8–16+5
Init +2 +0+2 dex
Base A. Bonus +9/+4
Melee Attack +7/+2
Ranged Attack +11/+6
Maneuvers +7
Armor Class +6 (8)
Touch AC +3 (5)
Flat-footed +6
Maneuvers +10 (12)

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 7 –2
Dexterity 10
Constitution 8 –1
Intelligence 26
Wisdom 20
Charisma 12
Fortitude +6 (10)
Reflex +5 (11)
Will +16 (23)
SKILL Roll Calculating
Appraise +20 int 11 + rank 6 + class 3
Bluff +21 cha 3 +item 18
Diplomacy +7 cha 3 + rank 1 + class 3
Fly +10 dex 2 + rank 5 + class 3
Heal +22 wis 8 + rank 11 + class 3
Intimidate +17 cha 3 + rank 14
Linguistics +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
Perception +27 wis 8 + rank 17 + race 2
+22 wis 8 + rank 11 + class 3
of Hand
+5 dex 2 + rank 3
Spellcraft +37 int 11 + rank 18 + class 3
+ item 5
Stealth +15 dex 2 + rank 13
CRAFT Roll Calculating
Carpentry +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
Corpses +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
KNOWLEDGE Roll Calculating
Arcane +20 int 11 + rank 6 + class 3
Religion +20 int 11 + rank 6 + class 3
History +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
Local +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
Nobility +16 int 11 + rank 2 + class 3
Engineer +15 int 11 + rank 1 + class 3
Geography +15 int 11 + rank 1 + class 3
Planes +15 int 11 + rank 1 + class 3

(54 unspent skill points remaining)
(add +2 to Spellcraft if trying to identify properties of magic items)
(+2 on Spellcraft to identify, learn, & prepare Necromancy spells,
but –5 Spellcraft on those checks for Enchantment & illusion spells

Nature: Player Character
Player: (anyone)
User: Lankin the Mad MageLankin the Mad Mage

Race: Elf
Origins: Aerenal
Religion: The Undying Court

Class: Wizard 5 / Cleric 3 / Mystic Theurge 10
Specialty: Necromancy
Domains: Memory, Deathless
Alignment: Neutral Good


Gender: Male
Age: 150
Hair: White & falling out
Eyes: Sunken, milky
Height: 6 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 127 pounds
Body: Emaciated, wiry
Clothing: Funereal
Oher traits: Shriveled & undead-looking

Bonded Item: Has a "wizard staff" composed of a long, darkened rod of petrified wood from the holy trees of Aerenal, around which the stretched & milky-white spine of one of his deathless ancestors lazily coils. At the top a blood-red dragonshard is attached, which serves as a crystalline 'spellbook'.


●Nationalistic, patriotic, devout, loves his home country & culture
●Lives in Sharn because his spouse lives in homeland (Vylae, LN elf)
●Been having an affair for a decade w. a local he's in love with (Fianin, CG elf)
●Grim and serious, but means well

●Piety, Reverence, Altruism .
●Inferiority Complex

●Goblinoid artwork
●Ice skating
●Historical dramas

●Not measuring up to expectations .
●Being forgotten

●His arranged marriage
●Wilderness / nature

Racial Abilities

Low-Light Vision: See twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Elven Immunities:Immune to magic sleep effects
●Get +2 on saves vs enchantment spells & effects.

Elven Magic: ●Gets a +2 racial bonus on CL checks made to overcome SR.
●Get a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft to make or ID properties of magic items

Proficiencies: Long & Short bow (also composite), longsword & rapier.
Treats any weapon with "elven" in its name as a Martial weapon

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Giant, Goblinoid, Syranian, Irial, Mabran

Class Abilities

Proficiencies: Club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, quarterstaff.
Added: All simple weapons, light & medium armor, shields, and scimitar.

Specialty School:Necromancy.
Gets +1 spell slot for each spell level he can cast (≥ 1st),
but these can only be used to prepare Necromancy spells.

Opposition Schools:Enchantment & ●illusion.
To prepare a spell from an opposition school
requires 2 spell slots of that level, not just 1.

Aura of Good: Registers more strongly to
"Detect Good" and similar good-sensing effects.

Channel (Positive) Energy:
●Usable (3 +Cha mod) = 6 times per day, as a Standard action
●Can choose to either heal the living or harm the undead.
●Damage cured or inflicted = 2d6 HP.
●Affects all of selected type in 30-foot radius around self
●Will save for 1/2 dmg. DC is (1/2 cleric lvl +Cha mod) = DC +4.
●Can choose to include self in effect or not
●Must be able to present religion's holy symbol to use this ability

Spontaneous Healing: Can “lose” any prepared cleric spell slot (except for orisons & domain spells) in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower (a "cure spell" is any spell with “cure” in its name). It's as if he had used the spell slot to prepare a "cure" spell insted.

Combined Spells:
●Can prepare & cast 1st-lvl spells from one of his spellcasting classes by using the 2nd-level slots from his other spellcasting class.
●Can prepare & cast 2nd-lvl spells from one of his spellcasting classes by using the 3rd-level slots from his other spellcasting class.
●Can prepare & cast 3rd-lvl spells from one of his spellcasting classes by using the 4th-level slots from his other spellcasting class.
●Can prepare & cast 4th-lvl spells from one of his spellcasting classes by using the 5th-level slots from his other spellcasting class.
●Can prepare & cast 5th-lvl spells from one of his spellcasting classes by using the 6th-level slots from his other spellcasting class.
●The components of these spells don't change, but beyond that they follow all the rules of the class used to cast the spell.

Spell Synthesis:
●Once per day, can cast 2 spells, 1 from each of his spellcasting classes, as 1 single action.
●Both of the spells must have the same casting time.
●Can make any decisions concerning the spells independently.
●Any target affected by both of the spells takes a –2 penalty on saves made against each spell.
●Gets a +2 bonus on CL checks made to overcome Spell Resistance with these two spells.

Arcane Bond: Item




Priest of the Undying Court





Cleric Casting


Spontaneous Healing:
1.Cure Light Wounds: Heal a touched target of 1d8 +CL (max +5) damage.
2.Cure Moderate Wounds: Heal a touched target of 2d8 +CL (max +10) damage.
3.Cure Serious Wounds: Heal a touched target of 3d8 +CL (max +15) damage.
4.Cure Critical Wounds: Heal a touched target of 4d8 +CL (max +20) damage.
5.Mass Cure Light Wounds: Heal 1 target/CL of 1d8 +CL (max +25) damage.
6.Mass Cure Moderate Wounds: Heal 1 target/CL of 2d8 +CL (max +30) damage.
7.Mass Cure Serious Wounds: Heal 1 target/CL of 3d8 +CL (max +35) damage.


Wizard Casting

Spellbook: (* = Necromancy spell)
Cantrips: All 0th-level spells (except those from opposition schools)



Wizard's Staff: Melee wpn. Dmg: 1d6+3/1d6+3. Crit: ×2. Traits: Bludgeons, Double, +5 weapon
Wizard's Bowstaff: Ranged. Dmg: 1d8+5. Crit: ×3. Range: 100 ft. Traits: +5 weapon, Mystical (see below)
Shortbow: Ranged weapn. Dmg: 1d6. Crit: ×3. Range: 60 ft. Traits: Piercing
Ghostly Hand: Touch wpn. Dmg: effect of lvl ≤ 4. Range: 130 ft. Traits: Incorporeal, +2 to atck roll

Worn: (constantly)
Headband of Smart Wisdom: Gives +6 wis & +6 int & +4 cha while it's worn.
Belt of Incredible Dexterity: Gives +4 to Dexterity while worn.
Cloak of Resistance: (slot: shoulders) Gives +4 resistance bonus to all saving throws.
Ring of Protection: (slot: ring #1) Gives +3 deflection bonus to AC.
Amulet of Natural Armor: (slot: neck) Gives +3 natural armor bonus to AC.
Gloves of Elvenkind: (slot: hands) +5 competence on Concentration checks to cast a spell defensively, & on Spellcraft checks.
Spectral Shroud: (slot: chest) This thin, bleached cloth covers the wearer’s entire torso. The morbid burial shroud grants the wearer the ability to discern invisible or ethereal creatures as though using "see invisibility". Once per day, wearer can become incorporeal for 10 rounds & gain a Fly speed = (1/2 base speed), at (perfect) maneuverability. Wearer can't attack while incorporeal, but can dismiss the effect as a Move action.
Wedding ring

Carries Around: (more or less)
Identification papers (with portrait).
Deathmask: Holy symbol of the Undying Court
Spellshard: Fist-sized dragonshard crystal, can hold spells as a spellbook, up to 20 pages worth.
Infinite Scrollcase: Holds up to 50 scrolls, always unfolds as the one you wanted (+misc)

Zombies: Has 3 perma-controlled elven zombies & 1 perma-controlled djinn "fast" zombie.
Deathless: Has 2 undying soldiers under his control on a more-or-less persistent basis

Pearl of Power (2nd-lvl): Each pearl can be used once per day.
Lets user regain a prepared 2nd-lvl spell slot that they've already cast.
That spell is then prepared again, just as if it hadn't been cast.

Tome of Clear Thought: (expended) Gives +5 permanent increase to Intelligence.
Tome of Understanding: (expended) Gives +4 permanent increase to Wisdom.

Scrolls: (all of these are 1st-lvl spells)
: ●sculpt corpse, ●detect undead, ●obscuring mist, ●interrogation
: ●sanctify corpse, ●enlarge person, ●comprehend languages,
●entropic shield, ●remove fear, ●deathwatch, ●shield of faith
: ●hide from undead, ●protection from evil
: ●magic missile
10×: ●cure light wounds

Wealth: 48'307 gp

Bonded Item: Wizard's Staff

Quarterstaff: Melee weapon. Dmg: 1d6+3/1d6+3. Crit: ×2. Traits: Double, +5 weapon
Longbow-staff: Ranged wpn. Dmg: 1d8+5. Crit: ×3. Range: 100 ft. Traits: +5 weapon, Mystical (see below)

Aureon's Spellshard: A large Eberron dragonshard that's usable as a spellbook, just like spellshards, which is mounted on the top of the staff. However, this one can hold the equivalent of 500 pages of spells, and the owner can imprint spells in it without paying the usual material component costs (still need to spend the time to imprint the spells).

Staff of Inflict Critical Wounds: 10 charges.
Effect: Touch attack inflicting 4d8 +1/CL damage (max +20) = 4d8+16 dmg.
●Will save for 1/2 dmg, at DC = +(4 +Ability mod +relevant feats & traits) = DC +16.
●This is negative energy damage, so it heals an undead target.
●As a staff, it uses wielder's ability modifier, caster level, feats and traits to calculate effect, if they're better than ratings it was crafted with.
●Can restore 1 charge per day while preparing daily spells, by expending a level 4 spell slot.

Staff of the Master Necromancer: In addition to its spell content, this staff can be used to cast spells using any metamagic feats known by the wielder without increasing the spell’s level.
●This consumes a number of charges = the number of spell levels increased by the feat.
●No more than 1 feat can be applied to a spell cast by the wielder in this way.
●Using the staff for this purpose doesn't increase the casting time of the spell.

Spine of the Undying: A necromancer who selects this item as their bonded object can use it to spontaneously convert any prepared wizard necromancy spell into any other wizard necromancy spell of the same or lower level that they have in their spellbook(s).

Bowstaff: This enchantment changes the melee weapon so it can be used as a ranged weapon when the wielder needs it, while still keeping the qualities & functions of the original bludgeoning weapon.
●This weapon enhancement allows a club to be used as a shortbow or a quarterstaff to be used as a longbow.
●The weapon retains its normal HP & Hardness.
●The melee weapon's enhancement bonus, if any, also applies on ranged attack & damage rolls.
●Additional special weapon qualities also apply to ranged attacks if such qualities can be added to a ranged weapon (so f.ex. "flaming" works, but "defending" doesn't).

"Mystical" weapon: Nature: Weapon trait. Limit: Ranged missile-weapons only (bows, crossbows, etc).
Against creatures with Spell Resistance (SR):
●The weapon's effective enhancement bonus increases by +2
●It deals an additional +1d6 damage.

When wielder casts a spell that requires a ranged touch attack (f.ex. a ray) while having the weapon in hand:
●Gains a bonus on the ranged touch attack roll = weapon's enhancement bonus against the target creature.
●If the spell hits, wielder also applies this bonus to the CL check to overcome the target's SR (if any)
●If the spell hits, wielder also applies this bonus on the spell's damage roll (if any).


Commanded Creatures



Character Sheet

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