Tavick's Landing

Nature: Location
Type: One of the "quarters" of Sharn

Watch Detail: 596 guards of the Watch: 179 on day shift (143 patrol, 36 stationed), 209 on evening shift (167 patrol, 42 stationed), 208 on night shift (166 patrol, 42 stationed).

Wards of Tavick's Landing

Upper Tavick's Landing
Middle Tavick's Landing
Lower Tavick's Landing


For most travelers, Tavick’s Landing is the gateway to Sharn. The Orien lightning rail station at Terminus brings in hundreds of travelers each day, and many more arrive via the Old Road at Wroann's Gate. In many ways, Tavick’s Landing is the most eclectic quarter of Sharn, blending residential areas with commercial and entertainment districts that cater to the traders, travelers, and tourists who pass through the city. During the Last War, foreigners were carefully monitored as they entered the city, and even today the effects ofthe war can still be felt. An entire district in Lower Tavick’s Landing has been converted to house Cyran refugees and other people dislocated by the war.

Commander Iyanna ir'Talan has been purging corrupt officers from the Tavick’s garrison of the Sharn Watch in recent years. As a result, members of Tavick’s allotment of the City Watch are the most likely to be helpful to adventurers, and least likely to take bribes or practice extortion.

Districts of Tavick's Landing

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