House Tarkanan

Nature: Criminal organization
Mark: Aberrant
Races: Any and all of the dragonmarked races
Totem: Beholder
House Tarkanan is a criminal organization structured in mockery of the dragonmarked houses. They specialize in theft and assassination


Known as a small order of highly skilled assassins and thieves. When they first appeared in Sharn six years ago, the Boromar Clan attempted to assimilate them, and when that didn’t work, to eliminate them. The members of the so-called "house" turned out to have impressive skills and organization, and the Boromars ultimately backed down from the conflict. The Boromar Clan doesn’t traffic in assassination in any case, so an agreement was made: As long as House Tarkanan would agree to never accept a contract against a Boromar, the Boromar Clan would allow the house to operate in Sharn without paying tribute.

The active members of House Tarkanan generally possess aberrant dragonmarks and 2 or 3 levels in a player character class. Rogues and sorcerers are both common, as are barbarians. They generally accept any character who has an aberrant mark, as the goal of the house is to train those who have such marks. However, Thora is a shrewd judge of character, and if she senses that a new member is working against the house, she makes a ruthless example of him.



Today, House Tarkanan focuses on 3 services:

The first is theft — both burglary and the work of the cutpurse. The employer names the target and provides all necessary information to locate him; the house does the rest. The price of the job depends on both the difficulty of the job and the value of the object being stolen.

The second service is assassination. The price varies based on the level of the target and the complexity of the scenario. Simply killing a man with a quick death attack in a bar is considerably easier that infecting him with a fatal disease and making sure that he dies of “natural” causes.

The final service is manslaughter. Simpler than assassination, this involves killing the target quickly and by whatever means are most convenient. The cost is the same as assassination, but obviously there is no modifier for the complexity of the scenario.

House Tarkanan does not target high-ranking members of any of the major criminal organizations in Sharn — the Tyrants, Daask, or the Boromar Clan. The house does not guarantee success; if an assassin is killed in the course of his mission, the house may send a second assassin, or they may choose to abandon the contract, in which case they do refund half of the fee.

House Tarkanan also offers one additional special service: assassination of the soul. The house possesses a single +1 "Keeper’s fang" dagger. For twice the usual fee, a House Tarkanan assassin will kill her target using the dagger — trapping the victim’s soul in the domain of the Keeper and thus preventing her from being raised or resurrected. Of course, resurrection is rare enough on Eberron that mutilating the body is often sufficient to rule out raise dead.



Membership Benefits

A member of the house can fence goods at no additional cost, arrange for burglaries for 15% of the item’s value, and set up assassinations for a base cost of 250 gp per level of the target — though like all crimes the cost may be adjusted based on the challenges involved.

In addition, House Tarkanan is the single greatest source for knowledge about aberrant dragonmarks and the War of the Mark: A member of House Tarkanan receives a +3 on any Knowledge or similar concerning these subjects, as long as he can consult the resources of the house.



House Tarkanan’s business is straightforward enough, and most people who are familiar with the underworld know of them. However, few people know the history of the organization. Toward the end of the Last War, the Brelish King’s Dark Lanterns assembled a team of spies who all bore aberrant dragonmarks, hoping to harness their powers in the work of espionage. The experiment was a failure, and half the group ended up killed. The King’s Dark Lanterns tried to silence the remnants of the group, but its surviving members fled to Sharn, led by a human woman named Thora Tavin.

Drawing from her extensive education, Thora took up the name of Lord Halas Tarkanan, the warrior who united the bearers of aberrant dragonmarks during the War of the Mark, and formed House Tarkanan as a mockery of the dragonmarked houses. She continues to seek out others who bear aberrant dragonmarks, as well as other skilled spies and criminals, to expand the ranks of her organization. She is driven to learn more about Lord Tarkanan and the aberrant marks that were exterminated during the War of the Mark, and spends much of her organization’s resources funding expeditions into the ruins of UnderSharn.


Current Leader

"Baron" Thora d'Tarkanan (LE female human, Rogue 6 / Assassin 3 / Aberrant Heir 4)
Thora’s residence, a spacious mansion nestled among the towers of the house enclaves, serves as the secret headquarters of her organization. From here, she personally directs a range of criminal and questionable activities throughout the city, with a particular focus on burglary, assassination, forgery, and loan sharking.


Known Members

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