Jubjub Bird 15 Magic Beast
Bandersnatch 17 Magic Beast
Thrasfyr 17 Magic Beast
Sard 19 Plant
Jabberwock 23 Dragon
Nature: Category of creatures

Type: Universal (it isn't limited
to any given creature type)

World: Thelanis, the Faerie Court

A category of powerful creatures whose shapes and types run the gamut of possibility.



The most feared residents of Thelanis, the Tane are living engines of destruction created by the most powerful of the natives ruling that world, which the stories say happened during a time of internal strife between the Lords and Ladies that is now long forgotten.

Horrors beyond mortal conception, these beings are now held as guard dogs by the lords and ladies of the Faerie Court, ready to be unleashed upon Eberron should its petty mortals infringe too far upon their realm.

Known only as fairy tales to most mortals, the Tane are described in the book "The Serpents Tane" as: "goliaths of war and madness, dreamt and stitched into being by the Royal Fae… terrible to behold, they descend upon those kingdoms that offend their masters, ravaging the land with firestorms, crushing cities underfoot, and eating dragons."

Though no one beyond their creators know just how many of the Tane still breathe within their hidden barracks, the book mentions several Tane by name, including the Dreaming Hill of the Dark (also known as Thrasfyr, a chimeric mountainous mass of hooks, barbs, and iron); the witch-tree Sard, Storm of Insanities (a thing of boughs and briars and misery, an ancient Wychwood Elm given life and hate by the Lords and Ladies); and the infamous Jabberwock (a thing of scales and fire and crushing fury).

Of the Tane, the jabberwock is said to be the most powerful, but the others in this grouping are far from helpless. Said to have been created as goliaths of war and madness, dreamt and stitched into being by the strange lords and ladies who rule that magical reality, the Tane are as mysterious as they are powerful.

They don't reproduce in the classic sense of the word. The creation of a new Tane (except for the Bandersnatch, which for unknown reasons has the ability to breed) is regulated by the strange and unknowable godlike faerie-lords that rule Thelanis. These fey demigods create new Tanes as they are needed — sometimes varying the exact particulars, but always creating a fully formed adult creature. As a result of these origins, no young Tanes has ever been encountered (the bandersnatches again being the exception).


Planar Acclimation (Ex): A tane is always considered to be on its home plane, regardless of what plane it finds itself upon. It never gains the (extraplanar) subtype.

None of the Tane are lower than CR 15 in power, and all have the "planar acclimation" special quality given above, but beyond that, they generally share no specific abilities or characteristics save for their common source in Thelanis.

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