Lath Taka

Nature: NPC
Race: Hobbit
Class: Barbarian
Origins: Talenta Plains
Allegiance: The Thunder Tribe
Gender: Female

First Encountered: 29.1 "Dances with Dinosaurs"

Description: A mane of wild black hair crowns her head, and an ugly scar runds down the right side of her face, and it's clear that whatever caused it almost took out her eye.

Like the rest of her tribe, her teeth are filed down to sharp points, and she's grown her nails out and covered them in some form of hardening substance, so they resemble claws.

Haughty and commanding, though of few words. Keeps a tight rein on her people, always on hand to stop them from acting on their urges.

Information: The Lath (chieftain) of the Thunder tribe, a small and rag-tag bunch of hobbits from the very north / noth-east border of the plains, who were hit especially hard by the recent winter.

Apparently married to a mute and sullen little man called Zari, whom she identified as being less skilled at the hunting, but who served instead as the "healer" of their tribe.

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