Tabin d'Cannith

Nature: NPC
Race: First Human,
then Soulbound Shell, then Clockwork Dragon
Class: Artificer
Origins: Breland
Allegiance: House Cannith
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female

25.2 "The Modern Epimetheus"
28.2 "Magnum Opus"
33.4 "Tick Tock Goes the Clock"

Information: While she never had the fortune of developing a dragonmark, Tabin was nevertheless always a true member of House Cannith, and had talent enough for a brilliant career within that organization, though it did force her to work twice as hard in order to get half the recognition that her marked peers did.

Her chosen work was the design and creation of constructs, but within that field she was always THE foremost expert in the cutting-edge technology of making clockwork creatures. It was long hoped that these more advanced and complex machines, which could be custom-built to handle many tasks that more crude constructs like golems could never hope to handle, would become the new "flagship" industry for Cannith.

However, the technology was not yet sufficiently developed for battlefield usage when the Last War began to need replacements to die in combat instead of mortal citizens, and so resources and support was instead given to the much more promising Warforged division. Soon, the warforged became the "new thing" that brought a nigh-endless flow of money to the house, and clockwork creatures fell by the wayside as a too-expensive and insufficient dead end.

As a result, Tabin never gained the great success she worked her whole life to achieve, and towards the end of the war she had already become an old and bitter woman when she was diagnosed with a fatal degenerative illness.

Withdrawing from the world at large, she spent the last decade or two of her life trying to construct a new type of construct, one which she could transfer her mind and soul into, allowing her to cheat death and live forever. It would also be her masterpiece, securing her the recognition, fame and fortunes that she had always been denied.

She soon realized that this feat was beyond her skills, however, and sought out another expert construct-creator, one whose own expertise lay in the field of "imprinting" mortal minds into construct bodies: Mairon Artano Annatar, who was the undisputed world-expert on the topic of Soulbound constructs.

In the end they did succeed in turning Tabin into a Soulbound Shell, but their great triumph was marred when they discovered the severe limits this imposed on her existence. Furious, she demanded that they begin over again on developing something better, but they disagreed on how to proceed, and this led to a falling-out between them. Tabin used her newly created and physically superior body to overpower the elderly man, kidnapping him and forcing him to perform the lethal human experiments she believed were required for their further progress.

He was rescued, and Tabin was driven off, by a band of concerned player characters. However, she eventually managed to acquire the funds needed continue her work somehow. Part of it was probably done by selling her construct creations to other "villains" and such folk.

Mairon, however, felt too responsible for her crimes to allow her to roam free to hurt more people, and so he saved up enough money to hire the "junior wayfinder's guild" to put an end to her misdeeds - either by capturing her and bringing her back to him, or by destroying her once and for all, if that should prove to be necessary.

As with so many other missions, the player characters proved to be murderously effective once their services had been bought and paid for.

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