Szorenvyaya Of Icewind Peak

Nature: NPC
Race: Storm Hag
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female

Notable Appearances:
14.1 "Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble"
15.4 "Stormy Showdown in Sharn"

Information: Arrived in Sharn along with her fellow hag Wild Greta, where the two of them broke Joherra Backer out of prison and convinced her to form a coven with them, giving them all access to vastly more powerful new abilities. The three of them then went to work, causing no end of collateral damage along the way.

She and her coven spent the next week doing hit-and-run guerilla tactics on the local businesses, until they were finally confronted by an alliance of Lyrandar, Daask and Junior Wayfinder Foundation forces.

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