Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (average residences)
Ward: Upper Tavick's Landing
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Upscale residences (40), average residences (280), poor residences (40)

First Impression: The few mansions in this district are on the east side, where they get the best view of the sunrise over the cliffs. Most of the people in this neighborhood are successful, but not tremendously wealthy; they are the shopkeepers, hirelings, and servants who see to the needs of the rich and powerful inhabitants of the quarter.


Sunrise is a quiet, unremarkable district. It is exceptionally clean, and one of the safer places to live. However, inhabitants still have to comply with Tavick’s Laws, which can prove to be quite annoying for adventurers.


Upper Menthis ward
North ▲
Highhold district (Dura) ◄West Sunrise East► The Ocean View district
▼ South
Outside the city (river)

Below: Kenton
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