Story Thus Far
Table of Contents

This page is where we list the scenarios that have been played in the saga thus far, which will (hopefully) also include a little bit of basic information on what happened in each of these stories. Players are invited to expand on this information with their own retellings and records.

Unless stated to be otherwise, it's assumed that 1 week passes in-game for each week that passes in the real world. That is, this week's plot begins 1 week after last week's plot started.

Week 0 - August 19

Character Creation

See here

Week 1 - August 26

The characters are asked to perform various small and easy chores as 'initiation tests' to prove that they're competent and worthy enough of joining the newly formed "Junior Association" of the Wayfinder Foundation.

1.1: Shopping Trip

GM: Henrik. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Sir Verrodin C. ir'Lerendazi (Robin), Cirilli S. Santiar (Tore), Dusk (Felix), Ti'ana (Torstein), Ken (Martin)

The brave adventurers are presented with a short list of archaeological treasures that were supposedly smuggled into town yesterday, after having been shipped over from Stormreach in Xen'drik, and they're asked to find out where in town they're being seld and then … acquire them. Preferably as legally as possible, but the Foundation isn't going to ask too many questions, as long as all this is done as subtly and far away from public attention as possible.


1.2: Where's Wally?

GM: PK. Characters: Ari Thiel (Julian), Unnamed 1 (Ludvig), Lorem Ipsum (Petter), Valdemar d'Cannith (Sondre), Kay (Ole), (elf investigator) (Kristian)

An important Wayfinder expedition to Xen'drik is scheduled to leave within the day, but one of the major expedition members who paid for most of it hasn't showed up yet. The characters are asked to find him, one Hestian ir'Tain, and politely but firmly ensure that he drags his carcass from whatever whore-riddled opium den it's currently found at, & shows up at the airship launch bay before the rest of the explorers leave without him.


1.3: Ask Jeeves

GM: Håvard. Characters: Kragath Gimduun (Pål), Egen Drossin (Sigve), Jingrod Esthal (Håkon), Lyn (Olava), Lynx (Karen)

Our little group of adventurers are asked to take the Kalakistan fragment to Flamewind, a scholar at Morgrave university, and get her to help translate it. Their employer forgot to mention that Flamewind is a slightly peeved Gynosphinx.


1.4: Recruitment Drive

GM: Magnus. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Meshana (Camilla), John (Mikal), Vyliar Hingul d'Thuranni (Espen), ???


Part 2: All Downhill From Here

GMs: Henrik & Håvard (semi-split). Characters: Everyone.


Week 2 - September 2

2.1: Reap What You Sow

GM: Henrik. Characters: Ari Thiel (Julian), Arienna (Fredrik), John (Mikal), Thanario (Christoffer)

They come at night.

For your organs teeth!


2.2: Come Away, O Human Child

GM: PK. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Ti'ana (Torstein), Kay (Ole), Jovi 'Jonzi' Jonz (Gry)

to the waters and the wild

A 10 year old kid, Oban Kain, has been missing for 4 days from his home in Skysedge Park. His parents, reluctant to loose their son this close to an important meeting with their bosses in the Wayfinder Foundation, hire some members from the junior foundation to look him up; thus avoiding calling attention to the loss by hiring external help. When looking through Oban's room - filled with anything any spoiled kid could wish for -, the group find an exclusive jewelry box made out of Livewood. With this box in their hands, after signing a receipt for the borrowing, they start a hunt for the kid.


2.3: Rädda Joppe–död eller levande!

GM: Håvard. Characters: Cirilli S. Santiar (Tore), Lynx (Karen), Kragath Gimduun (Pål)
The Junior Wayfinders receive an anonymous letter explaining that a valuable member of the Wright family has gone missing. They travel to Platinate to meet with the employer… who turns out to be a twelve year old girl who has lost her cat, Kitty. Kitty was last seen four days ago. It also turns out that Kitty is in fact a ghost tiger (aka white tiger) and that the girl's parents are not overly fond of the tiger, to say the least. Our heroes take the case!

After much searching the cat is tracked down, now under the name "Silent Death", in a pub in Lower Dura. Specifically in the lower areas of the Angry Badger, in Callestan. In the back room of the Angry Badger is an animal fighting pit, where the locals gamble away their money (or earn a quick buck). Our heroic heroes manage to finagle ‎their way into the area with the animal pens. Guards are then locked up or knocked out and the less violent animals are released. A veritable zoo then escape the fighting pits and discretely make their way out of the district.

Kitty is finally returned home, and a stern warning about pet security and proper treatment is delivered to the girl's parents.


2.4: Lost & Found (caveat latronis.)

GM: Magnus. Characters: Jingrod Esthal (Håkon), Lyn (Olava), Kehs'shana (Joar), Vyliar Hingul (Espen)

Soulbound Dolls
Mairon Artano Annatar, Aereni Artificer, maker of toys and expert on recycling

2.5: More Than Expected

GM: Sondre. Characters: Ken (Martin), Unnamed 1 (Ludvig), Egen Drossin (Sigve), Lorem Ipsum (Petter)

An easy package-fetching. What could go wrong?

Jinkin Gremlins
Nuglub Gremlins
Monaciello Gremlin


Week 3 - September 9

Advancement: People are now Level 2 characters

3.1: Pretty Woman

GM: Håvard. Characters: Ari thiel (Julian), Cirilli S. Santiar (Tore), Arienna (Fredrik), Ciriziel (Christoffer)

Our merry band of Junior Wayfinder Foundation members tries to help a poor woman forced to work in a brothel called "The Lovely Ladybug" in Sharn's Welcome. During the rescue attempt, the band discovers that the people working in the brothel are actually Cockroaches wearing human skin, including the woman they were trying to help. After closely questioning her, the Junior Wayfinders conclude that she haven't done anything wrong beyond being born, and help her get out of the city and start a new life with her boyfriend. They then tell the church of the Silver flame about the Cockroach infestation.


3.2: Truth That's Told With Bad Intent

Or "Shady Stuff in Sharn", part 1

GM: Henrik. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Ti'ana (Torstein), Vyliar Hingul (Espen), Sir Verrodin (Lars)

Eran d'Thuranni
Salazar Severin d'Sivis

3.3: Do You Know Who I Am?!?

GM: PK. Characters: John (Mikal), Kay (Ole), Meddling Mabu (Tor Arne), Riki d'Smyth (Hilde), Unnamed 1 (Ludvig)

King Boranel is in town, and everyone's very excited. But there soon seems to be two of him running around! Most would perhaps assume that more Boranel is always a good thing, but this might indeed be too much of a good thing.

It turns out in the end that this was a case of a wax golem shaped in the king's image as a publicity stunt for a local wax figure gallery, which had gone wrong, developed a sentience, and believed itself to actually BE the real king.


3.4: Mirror Mirror On The Run

GM: Magnus. Characters: Ken (Martin), Egen Drossin (Sigve), Lynx (Karen), Kragath Gimduun (Pål), Valdemar (Sondre)

Someone able to copy the appearance of others has been using this ability to cause chaos and panic on a semi-regular basics. The obvious assumption is that a changeling or doppelganger is behind this seemingly unmotivated spree of havoc-causing, causing popular opinion towards those minorities to grow even worse. The Tyrants, the organized criminal syndicate of shapeshifters is not happy about this, both for PR-reasons as well as seeing it as infringing on their jurisdiction, and so request that the adventurers bring the perpetrator to heel for them.

It turns out, however, that the cause is in actuality a "sliver", an alien creature from the world of mirrors, who was suffering from identity issues after falling in love with a local lady, and which had been trying to adjust to mortal existence and learn (ineptly) how to "fit in".


Week 4 - September 16

4.1: Monsters Among Us

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Egen Drossin (Sigve), Kehs'shana (Joar), Fam Wordsmith (Magnus)

A teenager has been arrested for the crimes of using their aberrant dragonmark to perform assault, attempted murder, and mass property damage. There are numerous eyewitnesses, and the teen has even admitted to having done it. And yet the characters are asked to prove that the poor kid is innocent, by someone who's fairly certain that there is more going on here than it first appears.

Tallain and his conspiracy of hate
"Kiddo", "Lady", "Silk", "Chatty Cathy", "Lanky", and "Sunny", a group of homeless kids & teenagers

4.2: The Show Must Go On

Or "Shady Stuff in Sharn", part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Lynx (Karen), Vyliar (Espen), Orubel (Gry), Firiel d'Ghallanda (PK)

One of the ballet girls at the opera house has a very mysterious secret admirer who skulks around in the darkness, and who seems creepily obsessed with her and her musical career. He may or may not be wearing a half-mask…


4.3: Rock, Paper, DEATH!!!

GM: Håkon. Characters: Meshana (Camilla), Lorem Ipsum (Petter), Ti'ana (Torstein), (human wizard) (Tor Arne)

An operative trying to uncover the secrets of Daask, the monster-mafia of Sharn, has been discovered and "dealt with". Someone needs to infiltrate the upcoming underground illegal sporting event Daask is about to arrange, in order to recover her body as well as the files she had managed to discover about the organization's criminal activities.


4.4: Meep Meep

GM: Johannes. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Ari Thiel (Julian), Kay (Ole), Cirilli (Tore)

A douchebag fairy is running around stabbing hobbits in the Little Plains neighborhood, and the police have had no success in catching the perpetrator.

Members of the upstanding Boromar Clan call on aid from the Wayfinder Foundation, who assigns a group of Junior Wayfinders to have a look into it. With little more to go on then what the police already had, they tentatively begin their investigations. When all oppertunities seem exhaused, luck, and a douchbag fairy, strikes (the luck did, sadly, not extend to the House Jorasco healer, who died of the stabbing)! The heroes follow the perpetrator onto a bridge, and promptly save a handful of people from falling, as ropes are cut. The rascal is captured and, after some minor containment problems, brought to the right authorities for questioning - the Boromars.


Week 5 - September 23

Advancement: People are now Level 3 characters

5.1: All Humanoids Are Equal

GM: Håvard. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Kay (Ole), Lyn (Olava), Egen (Sigve).

…but some goblinoids are more equal than others.

"Health & safety" regulations, and other motives for murder.

A factory foreman in a iron foundry down in Ashblack hires the Junior Wayfinder Associatees as bodyguards, but when they go to meet their employeer, they instead meet a group of bugbears who tries to gently discourage them from taking the job.

The intrepid band of Associatees learn that the bugbears were sent by a hobgoblin who is trying to organize the poor goblins that suffer from appalling working conditions down in the cogs, and after having a short meeting with said hobgoblin they start snooping around the Ironwork of their employer. The Juniors learn about about a secret meeting happening that night in the factory by magically befriending a member of the working class. After sneaking in, they disocover the hobgoblin and a crowd of workers having wrapped their employer in chains and putting him on the conveyor belt used to process raw iron ore. The hobgoblin is tragically killed by a stray crossbow bolt hitting him in the eye during the disturbance that followed, when the heroes rescued their employer.


5.2: Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity

Or "Shady Stuff in Sharn", part 3

GM: Henrik. Characters: Dusk (Felix), John (Mikal), Kragath (Pål), Lynx (Karen) Vyliar (Espen).

Two houses, both alike in dignity,
in fair Sharn, where we lay our scene.

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
where elven blood makes elven hands unclean.

The continuance of their leaders' rage
is now the two hours' traffic of our game.

5.3: Robots In Distress

Or "Warforged Woes", part 1 of 3

GM: Magnus. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Ti'ana (Torstein), Riki (Hilde), Illian Barasi (Tor Arne).

Low-level characters asked to clean out the vermin in the basement. What coulld be more cliché and ordinary?

AKA - Optional Ojbective: Make sure the canary doesn't die!

Vocal, the local warforged workers' spokesperson
Rust Monsters, which had apparently been secretly placed under a factory on purpose.

5.4: Cracking Down on Crime

Or "Infestation", part 1

GM: Sondre. Characters: Ari (Julian), Cirilli (Tore), Sha'Al Gumption (Pascal), Ken (Martin).

The police have been putting in extra efforts to clean up one or two of the goblinoid slums, some of the shabbier and more lawless of sharn's neighborhoods. As a result, many former miscreants and petty crooks have turned their lives around, becoming productive members of society.

And we don't hold to that! (apparently)


Week 6 - September 30

6.1: Losing My Religion

GM: Henrik. Characters: Egen (Sigve), Kragath (Pål), Kay (Ole), illian (tor arne), Percival Higgins (Bård).

The high priest of the local temple of the Sovereign Host turns out to be an illusion. The fuck?!?


6.2: Tally Ho, the Beast Below!

GM: Håvard. Characters: Ciriziel (Christoffer), Meshana (Milla), Ti'ana (Torstein), Vyliar (Espen), Meddling Mabu (Anne-Marie).

An expedition into the sewers beneath the city, sent to find out the truth about the rumours about the "Beast of Sharn", hasn't been heard from in a while. The characters are sent as the rescue party.

The players find the expedition being held captive by a group of feral gnomes and hobbits in one of the huge midden chambers where waste is gathered to rot away, where they were trying to sacrifice expedition members to the "Beast of Sharn". The Junior Associates manage to rescue the expedition members and bring them safely back, despite an appearance by the Beast itself.


6.3: Baskerville Blues

GM: PK. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Lynx (Karen), Cirilli (Tore), Sha'Al (Pascal), Jovi 'Jonzi' Jonz (Gry).

A rabid blink dog has apparently been haunting some of House Ghallanda's hotels in the Underlook district.


6.4: All Glory To The Hypno-toad

Or "Infestation", part 2

GM: Håkon. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Ken (Martin), Kehs'shana (Joar), Lyn (Olava), Valdemar (Sondre).

I, for one, welcome our new Khyber-spawned overlords! (don't blame me, I voted for Kodos)


Week 7 - October 7

Advancement: People are now Level 4 characters (which lets you increase one ability score by +1)

7.1: Monsters of the Black Lagoon

Or "Something Fishy in the State of Breland", part 1

GM: Henrik. Characters: Ciriziel (christoffer), Fam (magnus), Lorem (petter), Todric Ironhyde (tomas).

They come from the unknown depths of the murky ocean, and they want……BRIDES!!! (maybe? we think? does anyone speak "fish"?)

7.2: Cry Havoc

GM: Håvard. Characters: Arienna (fredrik), Kay (ole), Kragath (pål), Ari (julian), Ken (martin).

It's amazing how much people will agree to pay you, if they're desperate and think they're about to die.

The are sitting in a bar, congratualting themselves on a succesfully completet mission when a man runs screaming into the bar, hell at his heels. He begs the players to protect him from the hellhounds after him and makes wild promises about recompansation. The Junior Wayfinder Associates accept the job, but discover that all is not well with their employer, a member of House Cannith, who has in the past made a fiendish pact to become better at making weapons in exchange for enchanting every hundred swords he makes so the souls of everyone killed by it goes to the fiends. He is also conspiring with a rebelious warlord in Karrnath to start a small scale conflict so he can make his next down payment of souls to the fiends. The players fend off the hell hounds and hand him over to the proper authorities.

7.3: A Terrible Thing to Waste

Or "Infestation", part 3

GM: Tore. Characters: illian (tor arne), Percy (bård), Ti'ana (torstein), Vyliar (espen), Valdemar (sondre).

Slimy brain-slugs and violation-happy monsters with gropy tentacles. Can the heroes, with the help of the local church and police forces, put an end to the ongoing infestation, or will the mind and body of all the city's inhabitants become the private property of these new invaders?


Week 8 - October 14

8.1: Black Lagoon 2: Electric Bugaloo

Or "Something Fishy in the State of Breland", part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Fam (Magnus), Jingrod (Håkon), Meshana (Camilla), Kehs'shana (Joar).

What have they got? A lot of sand.
We've got a hot crustacean band!
Each little clam here
Know how to jam here
Under the sea


8.2: Rich Litch Witch Bitch

GM: Johannes. Characters: Vyliar (Espen), Zogzog (Sigve), Sir Verrodin (Stig), Mabu (Savadi), Valdemar (Sondre).

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Joherra Backer the green hag (and her yeth hound) is found to be behind the crimes, and is put under arrest.

8.3: Unfinished Business

GM: PK. Characters: Kay (Ole), Kragath (Pål), ??? (Gry), Percy (Bård).

Yay, the villain is dead!
Now….where is his loot?
Ah. It's in his secret lair.
Somewhere in the old mansion.

Salazar Severin d'Sivis strikes again (but fails)

8.4: Painting the Roses DEAD!

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Dusk (Felix), Ken (Martin), Ti'ana (Torstein), Riki (Hilde).

After their many recent successes and public acts of heroism, the characters are invited to a fancy garden party in the richer part of town. Champagne and canapés are expected, along with secret trysts and illicit activities in the many secluded locations among the shrubbery.

Thyliase the dryad
Living Topiary
Assassin Vine
●Amorous twigjack trying to court his beloved.


Week 9 - October 21

Advancement: People are now Level 5 characters

9.1: Aundair and Back Again

Or "The Man With the Mithril Gun", part 1

GM: Henrik. Characters: Ari (Julian), Fam (Magnus), illian (Tor Arne), Vyliar (Espen)

"Tell me, Aundairian: What is best in life?"

"To get roaring drunk on the finest of wines, until you sing the songs of your people.

To dance intimately with the person you're passionately romancing, then ride off into the sunset together.

To incinerate your enemies with a tactical fireball bombardment, until only their ashes are left to blow in the wind."


9.2: A Knightmare Before Karrnath

GM: Håvard. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Lorem (Petter), Cirilli (Tore), Jingrod (Håkon), Valdemar (Sondre)

Gnomes and dwarves of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange? . .
Come with us and you will see
This, our land of karrnathi

This is Ka-arr-nath, this is Ka-arr-nath,
Children scream in the dead of night

This is karrnathi, everybody run and flee
Mobilize till the neighbors gonna come & fight

In his land, we call home
everyone hail to the undead song.

In this land, don't we love it now?
Everybody's waiting for the next big war!

Karrnath's military intelligence has a problem: They have an agent infiltrating the Order of the Emerald Claw, a dangerous terrorist organization, but he is also pursued with a vengence by a Bone Knight, a Karrnathi undead commander and loyal war hero. The solution: Hire a third party (The Wayfinder Foundation Junior League) to kidnap the agent without breaking his cover.

Karrnathi Zombies

9.3: Thranespotting

GM: Olava. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Lynx (Karen), Ti'ana (Torstein), Ken (Martin), Arienna (Fredrik)

O, Tira Miron
you know I am a righteous man,
of my virtue I am justly proud.

O, Tira Miron,
you know I'm so much purer than
the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd.
. .

Then tell me, my Miron,
Why I see her dancing there?
Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul?

I feel her, I see her!
The sun caught in raven hair
is blazing in me out of all control!

Mazin Tana, the Flamebearer of Coldflame Keep
●Possessed by a Hesperian (accomplice devil)


Week 10 - October 28

10.1: Spooky Action at a Distance

GM: Henrik. Characters: Vyliar (Espen), Orubel (Gry), Jingrod (Håkon), Ken (Martin), Ti'ana (Torstein)

it sees you when you're sleeping,
it knows when you're awake.
IT knows if you've been bad or good,
so be good, for goodness' sake!

Mairon the Aereni Artificer & toymaker
Soulbound Mirror Man

10.2: Ghost in the Machine

GM: Håvard. Characters: Lynx (Karen), Ari Thiel (Julian), Percy (Bård), Sir Verrodin (Theodor), Dusk (Felix)

The problem with stuff that is lethally dagerous is that sometimes people actually die.

An incredibly rich and paranoid dwarf have holed up in his trapped fortress with all his wealth, and have not been seen for months, and his are starting to become curious if he is still alive. The only problem is getting past all the traps, including the new ones that are not in the original schematics. This is where the players come in.

It turns out that one of the thieves and scoundrels killed by the traps became an undead creature called a Gearghost. The Gearghost started installing new traps, and triggering the ones allready existing, which ended up killing both the dwarf living there, and the trap expert that was sent to check up on him. Said trap expert then became an even more dangerous form of undead monster, known as a Sephulcral Thief.

10.3: Field Trip

GM: Olava. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Riki (Hilde), Zogzog (Sigve), Lorem (Petter), Cirilli (Tore)

Farmland. "Yay" : / (…..kekekekekekeke)

Jack-o'-Lanterns, with their reproductive cycle on super-speed due to ill-advised & immoral experiments with improved fertilizers

10.4: Midnight Madness

Or "A Psionic Werewolf in Sharn", part 1

GM: Sondre. Characters: Meshana (Camilla), Fam (Magnus), Kehs'shana (Joar), (dwarf fighter) (Sindre)

Pure lunacy.


Week 11 - November 4

Advancement: People are now Level 6 characters

11.1: Aundair Is Not Enough

Or "The Man With the Mithril Gun", part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Sha'al (Pascal), Firiel (PK), Meshana (Camilla)

The sinister scheme of an evil mastermind needs to be foiled, or else the foul conspiracy will use the wizards they've kidnapped to enact their dastardly scheme, potentially sparking new international conflicts.

Can the adventurers manage where the secret agents of the Dark Lanterns and the Royal Eyes seem to have failed?

11.2: Family Business

GM: Håvard. Characters: Ari (Julian), Kragath (Pål), Lorem (Petter), Ti'ana (Torstein)

Sinister khyber cult. Might have involved blasphemous lore and eldritch abomination. High odds of tentacles. Half the group ran away to save their lives, leaving the remaining folks to save the day.

11.3: Que Sera Cyre?

GM: Olava. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Jingrod (Håkon), Kay (Ole), Todric (Tomas)

Now I have children of my own,
they ask their parent, what will we be?
Will we be home soon? Will we be safe? . .
I tell them tenderly:

Que sera, Cyre.
Whatever will be, will be.
The future's not ours to see.
Que sera, Cyre.


11.4: Dangerous Minds

Or "A Psionic Werewolf in Sharn", part 2

GM: Sondre. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Lynx (Karen), Ken (Martin), Percy (Bård)

A shifter werewolf in Sharn?
So it seems.
Surprizingly, situation even more sinister.

●An incorporeal Tsucora Quori possessing shifters
●It then used its powers to affect the host body to make them seem like they were werewolves (or other variants)
●Used this setup to then assault kalashtar civilians, sparking tension & hostilities between the two populations.


Week 12 - November 11

12.1: From Aundair With Love

Or "The Man With the Mithril Gun", part 3

GM: Henrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Firiel (PK), Meshana (Camilla), Ari (Julian)

You are on a train.
There are wizards.
Roll initiative.

Hobgoblin mercenaries
Margannt ir'Jaseur, evil half-Rakshasa criminal mastermind
Jurian ir'Wynarn, Prince of Aundair and secret agent of the Royal Eyes

12.2: Death of a Thousand Cuts

GM: Håvard. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Zogzog (Sigve), Percy (Bård), Kehs'shana (Joar), Lynx (Karen)

Someone has begun to stage attacks on major hospitals, killing off highly skilled doctors and personell.

The medical community (House Jorasco) are calling in favors to get help from their biggest customer group: Adventurers.

12.3: Robot Proletariat

Or "Warforged Woes", part 2 of 3

GM: Magnus. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Lorem (Petter), Kragath (Pål), Kay (Ole)

When the bottom falls out of the market, it's bad.
It's even worse when it happens literally.

(Nice magic you've got there. Would be a shame if something….happened….to it)

Deconstructors designed & unleashed

12.4: Read All About It

GM: Håkon. Characters: 'Jonzi' (Gry), Ken (Martin), Valdemar (Sondre), Ciriziel (Christoffer), Calvin (Teodor)

Gross incompetence is bad enough, but these days there's also a media circus ready to inform the public when major blunders are made, so things have to be dealt with much faster and more efficiently than they have been in the past.

●Terrorist acts & bombings
●Intense media coverage
Salani Indith, Valenar elf and intrepid reporter for the Sharn Inquisitive
John Bolton, former Brelish spec-ops, but now a journalist for the Korranberg Chronicle (and secretly a terrorist trying to be found out)


Week 13 - November 18

Advancement: People are now Level 7 characters (gives 4th lvl-based Feat)



13.1: YARRRRRR!!!!!

GM: Henrik. Characters: Zogzog (Sigve), Ken (Martin), Mabu (Gina)

Yo ho, yo ho,
a pirate's life for me!

Lacedon pirates (aquatic ghouls)
Vampiric bard as first mate, with Bagpipes of the Damned!
●The heroes never found out who was captaining the attacking pirate ship

13.2: Gangs of Sharn

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Dusk (Felix), Cirilli (Tore), Fam (Magnus)

East vs West
New vs Old
Above vs Below
Mets vs Sharks

…..Daask vs Tarkanan…..

Harash, the Daask public relations & diplomatic officer
Cazha Bloodwing, ●Keshta & ●Torarg Blackhorn, Daask lieutenants & commanders
Laren, the House Tarkanan contact person
"Kiddo" and the other formerly-homeless kids & teenagers, now taken in by Tarkanan
Boromar Clan trolling both of them

13.3: Robot Resolution

Or "Warforged Woes", part 3 of 3

GM: Sondre. Characters: Lynx (Karen), Firiel (PK), Kay (Ole), Percy (Bård)

Someone has comissioned the creation of a new monster, the deconstructer, a beast that consumes magic items and constructs alike, then had them mass-produced and placed in locations around town, ready to be deployed.

How can the heroes stop them? And why are they doing this?

13.4: Those meddling kids & their dog

GM: Johannes. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Lorem (Petter), Reaper (Kristel), Thanario (Sindre)

Some kids want to be adventurers when they grow up.

Guess who gets the blame when things go wrong?

Because this time, the monstrosity haunting the necropolis most certainly isn't just old Mr. Jenkins wearing a mask…

Vampire Spawn
Gath, the lich-priest of Halden's Tomb


Week 14 - November 25

14.1: Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

GM: Henrik. Characters: Zogzog (Sigve), Ari Thiel (Julian), Arienna (Fredrik), Lorem Ipsum (Petter)

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

Joherra Backer the Green Hag is broken out of jail, and forms a coven

14.2: Strange Fruit

GM: Håkon. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Ciriziel (Christoffer), Dusk (Felix), Kragath (Pål), ??? (Gry).

"Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees."

Vilina Acker the Ashbound Druid
Mr. Silvanus the Hangman Tree

14.3: Robot Resolution, part 2

GM: Sondre. Characters: Percy (Bård), Firiel (PK), Lynx (Karen), Ken (Martin), Kehs'shana (Joar).

●Characters working to find & neutralize the deconstructors that had been strategically placed around in warforged workplaces.
Nolan Toranak (dwarf), city councillor represeting the "Cogs" ward of Sharn
●He's suspected of being behind the whole sinister scheme, but there's not enough evidence to legally nail him for it.

14.4: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

GM: Espen. Characters: Kay (Ole), Sir Verrodin (Marianne), Reaper (Elin), Thanario (Anniken)

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

High Walls cult drawing in desperate Cyre refugees
Zakya Rakshasa on the rampage


Week 15 - December 2

Advancement: People are now Level 8 characters (which lets you increase one ability score by +1)

ALSO: Spending an Action Point to boost a d20 roll now gives +2d6.

15.1: Paved With Good Intentions

GM: Henrik. Characters: Firiel (PK), Dusk (Felix), Sha'Al (Pascal), Sir Verrodin (Marianne)

What though the knight the basilisk has slain,
and pinned it lifeless to the dusty plain?

For up the spear-shaft its subtle venom flies,
his hand there drinks it, and the winner dies.

Result: Telekinetic ghost basilisk. And it's angry.


15.2: Winter is Coming? Winter Came!

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 1

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Ciriziel (Christoffer), Lynx (Karen), Cirilli (Tore), Reaper (Didrik)

Winter Wolves

15.3: Quest for the Lost Magma-Forge

GM: Espen. Characters: Kay (Ole), Lorem (Petter), Percy (Bård), Valdemar (Sondre), Reaper (Anniken)

●Dungeon crawl deep beneath Sharn!

15.4: Stormy Showdown in Sharn

GM: Magnus. Characters: Ari Thiel (Julian), Zogzog (Sigve), Ken (Martin), Ti'Ana (Torstein)

Hag Coven:
Joherra Backer (Green Hag)
Wild Greta (Annis Hag)
Szorenvyaya of Icewind Peak (Storm Hag)

"Good" Guys:
Player characters, representing Wayfinder Foundation's "Junior League"
Keshta, one of Daask's military officers
Arawan of House Lyrandar


Week 16 - December 9

16.1: Bah! Humbug!

GM: Felix. Characters: Lynx (Karen), Fam (Magnus), Kehs'shana (Joar), Valdemar (Sondre), Ar'Gosh (PK)

The client has it from a good source that he'll be plagued by three ghosts or spirits this night. He needs protection. This is your mission.

Christmas Past: Balisse (Confessor Angel)
Christmas Present: Procyal
Christmas Future: Lipika (Aeon of Karma)
Sabotage: Invidiak (Shadow Demon)

16.2: Unleash the KRAMPUS!

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 2a

GM: Espen. Characters: Kay (Ole), Ken (Martin), ??? (Gry), Arienna (Fredrik), Zogzog (Sigve), Reaper (Elin)

Chaperone duty. For KRAMPUS!

(Children: Gotta catch em all!)

16.3: Saving Private Santa

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 2b

GM: Petter. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Ciriziel (Christoffer), Percy (Bård), Cirilli (Tore), Solkashtai (Anniken), Sir Verrodin (Henrik)

Solving a kidnapping case. Before the interrogation succeeds, and the kidnappers learn everything.

Turns out, "Santa" had been abducted, his sleigh highjacked, by disgruntled and insulted hobgoblins, who had discovered that the fat man's unfair regime of gift-giving favoritism was based on goblinoid slave labor (among many other victims).


Week 17 - December 16

Advancement: People are now Level 9 (gives 5th lvl-based Feat)

17.1: A Midwinter Night's Shindig

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 3a

GM: Henrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Arienna (Fredrik), Zogzog (Sigve), Vyliar (Espen), Dusk (Felix)

Ain't no party like a druid party!
Situation: A 'dudebro' merman/were-orca, 2 winter-satyrs, 3 prankster-redcaps, & a psychic gremlin malefactor show up…
Offstage: White walkers. Wearing sunglasses at night. Scowling. (undead army optional)
The mission: Keep the DJ sober(-ish), the refreshments un-spiked, and prevent the mortals from doing murder on the dancefloor.

Baef Snarik: Lady mayor of the host town.
Rathan the Smith: Hobbit widower and master brewer in charge of libations
Flamekeeper Taran: Disapproving priest of the silver flame
Nebdra Colworn: Professional complainer & writer of concerned letters to the newspaper

Ari Corleis: Aundairian greensinger druid, disgustingly naïve & optimistic
Karola Soranath: Karrnathi dwarven matron, warden of the woods, who's tired of your shit
"Orcahontas"/Gurtha: Half-orc gatekeeper, only sane person on board.

Zothicus: Party boy of unknown species
Lupercus & Amphilogia: Brother & sister winter satyrs
Unfortunate: Winter-fey redcap & her 2 redcap sidekicks
Ümlaut: Hobkins Malefactor gremlin, and his small horde of 'normal' hobkins followers.

17.2: Highway to Hell Frozen Over

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 3b

GM: Magnus. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Lorem (Petter), Valdemar (Sondre), Ar'gosh (PK), (fighter) (Torgeir)

Will people be willing to set out on a rescue mission into Risia, the evil dimension of eternal winter itself, in order to rescue one of their fellow adventurers? And possibly other innocents? Will they survive the journey? And will they maybe have the opportunity, while there, to learn more about the sinister "Coldheart" which has been sending many of the Risian natives over to the mortal world lately, and who seems like they have some sort of sinister scheme, before it's too late?

17.3: Save the Psion, Save the World

GM: Johannes. Characters: Solkashtai (Anniken), Ti'ana (Torstein), Ken (Martin), Kehs'shana (Joar), Meshana (Camilla)

lenitavi, one of the leading insurrectionists, an Inspired guerilla freedom fighter and long-lasting thorn in the side of the Sarlonan empire has finally been captured by the tyrants who run that country, and is now being transported to Sharn for reasons unknown (though probably not for happy fun-times).

Enlightened Havakhad is the local spiritual guide amongst the Kalashtar who follower of the Path of Light, which opposes the sinister forces of the Dreaming Dark which controls Sarlona with an iron fist, and he has asked the adventurers to help him and his community: He wants them to rescue the prisoner before the transport arrives and security becomes ten times more difficult to penetrate.

But that would require tracking down and illegally boarding/assaulting a diplomatic vessel, midways in intercontinental air-travel across the oceans. During the worst winter in 5 years, as the elemental plane of cold and frost fills the mortal world with blizzards and monsters. Not to mention the absurdly tight security on board, and the potential for this action to trigger an international conflict and/or retaliation against whoever violated the sanctity of the ambassadorship's immunity.

Fortunately, the adventurers might possibly know at least one person who might be able and willing to lend them the transport and expertise needed to pull off such a daring act of airship piracy…

Dramatis Personae:
Enlightened Havakhad: Wise old mentor with mystic mind-powers
Captain Arawan: Scoundrel with a heart of gold
Cord Backer: shifter, fuzzy first mate / best friend of captain
lenitavi: Highborn young lady who's become leader of the Resistance
Durala'der: Villainous Mind Knight who's keeping the aristocratic lady prisoner.

No Game - December 23


Week 18 - December 30

18.1: Up All Night To Get (Un)Lucky

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 4a

GM: Henrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Arienna (Fredrik), Zogzog (Sigve), Ari (Julian)

Party hard, or hardly partying?

Spiked punch, or punching-spikes?

Chaotic fun, or funny chaos?

18.2: Searching for a Heart of Cold

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", part 4b

GM: (none were available). Characters: Whoever wants to play.

And I scream at the top of my lungs: "What's going on?"

Beware the frozen heart!


Week 19 - January 6

Advancement: People are now Level 10

19.1: Some Say the World Ends in Fire

Or "The Quest for the Cradle of Khyber", Part 1 of .2. 3

GM: Espen. Characters: Solkashtai (Anniken), Lorem (Petter), Cirezeal (Christoffer), Sir Verrodin (Henrik)

Delving too greedily and too deep?

More seriously: First proper & official high-priority Wayfarer Foundation Expedition (not just Junior League this time), using the "Magma Forge" from beginning of the month as a "base camp", allowing the expedition members & their support crew to delve even deeper beneath the city.

In fact, this quest leads so far it goes beneath the magma-layer, and leaves Eberron behind entirely, entering the realm of Khyber. The Dragon Below, primal origin of fiends and the place where aberrations come from.

Ties in with plot nr: (1.1), (1.3), (1.5), (4.1), (11.3), (13.2), (14.4), and (15.3).
See also: Kalakistan Fragment.

Vikan Buristal
Giff Rapelje
Magma Elemental
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth

19.2: My Baby Shot Me Down

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kay (Ole), ??? (Gry), Ari Thiel (Julian)

Bang bang

Pale Stranger

19.3: Mitt Skip Var Lastet Med

GM: Sondre. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Ken (Martin), Cirilli (Tore), Jacques Zenden (Sigve).

Trading consortium has misplaced hundreds of thousands of gp.
Who wants to go and fetch their missing pile of wealth?

Megalodon (dire shark)


Week 20 - January 13

20.1: Some Say in Ice

Or "The Chronicles of Narnia Risia", Finale

GM: Henrik. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Ari (Julian), Cirilli (Tore), Zog Zog (Sigve).

The Coldheart Cometh.

20.2: From What I've Tasted of Desire

Or "The Quest for the Cradle of Khyber", Part 2 of .2. 3

GM: Espen. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Solkashtai (Anniken), Kay (Ole).

Further explorations of the under-realm of Khyber, in search of (one of the) legendary workshops of the Aberrant-dragonmarked faction from the War of the Mark.

1st Player Character Fatality: Kyamun ''Kay'' Bakker. Cause: Poisoned dart trap.

20.3: I hold with those who favor Fire

GM: Torstein. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Ken (Martin), Odric Erebos (Didrik).

Torch-toting titanic tarantulas, who stole our hubcaps!

20.4: The Long Goodbye

GM: Sondre. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Sha'al (Pascal), Dusk (Felix).

The trepanation sensation that's sweeping the nation!

Mind-Numb Swarm
Deranged Trepanner


Week 21 - January 20

Advancement: People are now Level 11 (gives 6th level-based Feat)

21.1: There Are No Strings On Me

GM: Henrik. Characters: Jacques (Sigve), Talion (Martin), Percy (Bård), Sha'al (Pascal)

Someone has raided the "clubhouse"/"headquarters" for the local chapter of the Order of the Cockatrice, and have robbed the place of almost all the trophies on display there. Even the ridiculously huge ones.

So the question becomes: Who's stupid enough to clumsily raid the glory-mementoes of a bunch of violent narcissists? And why in the world would they need or want a stuffed dire shark? And how did they get away with it?

Kalder Tarra'az - "clubhouse" junior manager (nephew of Jesel Tarra'az)
●Lorm – very unfortunate guard, from the Blademarks Guild
●Ernesto – works the night shift at Wyredd's Spirits exotic wine imports
Niaellaself artist, artificer, and magical taxidermist
Taxidermied Creature (template)
●Taxidermied Megalodon / dire shark



21.2: But If It Should Be Ended Twice

Or "The Quest for the Cradle of Khyber", Part 3 of 3

GM: Espen. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Solkashtai (Anniken), Lynx (Karen), Sir Verrodin (Ole).

Quest problem:
Now you've found the place.
What do you DO with it?

Player solution?
Release a archfiend!!!

Metiris the Radiant Idol
Lord Boroman ir'Dayne
Vikan Buristal
Hakima Rakshasa

21.3: The Colour out of Cyre

GM: Felix. Characters: Odric (Didrik), Lorem (Petter), Meshana (Camilla), Kehs'shana (Joar).

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?
Corollary: In Karrnath?!?

Karrnathi Zombie
Alien Colour / "Colour ouf of Space"

21.4: If I Should Die Before I Wake

GM: Sondre. Characters: Ari (Julian), Kragath (Pål), Cirilli (Tore), ??? (Gry).

…I pray in hell my soul won't bake.

Xiendra Horat (Night Hag)


Week 22 - January 27

22.1: In a Handful of Dust

GM: Espen. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Kehs'shana (Joar), Ar'gosh (PK), Thanario (Henrik)

Lords Of Dust victory party.

Silver Dragon (the true identity of the so-called Lhazaar Ambassador, from 2nd half of week 1)
Hakima Rakshasa
Zakya Rakshasa
Rakshasa Rajah

22.2: Abracadabra? Abracaboom!

Or "Wacky Wizard School", Part 1 of 3

GM: Felix. Characters: Ari (Julian), Cirezial (Christoffer), Jacques (Sigve), Percy (Bård)

The magical university of Arcanix, in Aundair, requires a bit of assistance.
No big, right?

Regnarg Enoimreh

22.3: Hey, Watch This!

GM: Martin. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Kay (Ole), Cirilli (Tore), Lorem (Petter)

You won't believe your eyes! (wherever they are)

Lord Xiomblargh Von Haute-Couture (Beholder)
Captain Mabelodge (Gauth)


Week 23 - February 3

Advancement: People are now Level 12 (which lets you increase one ability score by +1)

23.1: Mightier Than the Sword

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Dusk (Felix), Thariv d'Medani (Espen), Orubel (Gry), Kehs'shana (Joar), Sir Verrodin (Jørgen?)

Explosive runes?
BAH! Amateurs!

Salazar Severin d'Sivis, sleazy scammer
Living Rune

23.2: Hocus Porcus

Or "Wacky Wizard School", Part 2 of 3

GM: Martin. Characters: Ari (Julian), Jacques (Sigve), Meshana (Camilla), Solkashtai (Anniken), Cinir (Lars), Alkas (Martin)

Still in Aundair.
Still dealing with the wizard academy.
Still staying classy.

23.3: The Beast of Sharn!!!

GM: Sondre. Characters: Percy (Bård), Kragath (Pål), Cirezial (Christoffer), Kay (Ole), Lorem (Petter)

The Shadows where the Mewlips dwell
Are dark and wet as ink,
And slow and softly rings their bell,
As in the slime you sink.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

The Beast of Sharn


Week 24 - February 10

24.1: A New Hopeful

Or "Psychic Wars", Episode I

GM: Henrik. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Meshana (Camilla), Solkashtai (Anniken), Arienna (Fredrik)

The eternal battle against the oppressive regime of Riedra, and the Dreaming Dark which it serves, might enter a whole new level now that a renowned resistance leader has arrived in town!

Arawan d'Lyrandar
Cord Backer
Cloud's Destiny
Hanbalani Monolith

24.2: The Maze of Shadowy Terror!!!

Or "Wacky Wizard School", Part 3 of 3

GM: Martin A. Characters: Vyliar (Espen), Ari (Julian), Kay (Ole)

Seriously, Aundair? Seriously?!?

Hello, darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

The Maze of Shadowy Terror
Shadow Creature (Template)
Margannt ir'Jaseur

24.3: Taxi-Service of the Dead

GM: Felix. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Cirezeal (Christoffer), Lorem (Petter), Percy (Bård)

Det klaprer på veien av hover mot grus:
Død mann rider
Det klager en storm om ditt høstlige hus, .
Og natten er sort som en utslukket rus
Død mann rider til kirke

Det flagrer en kappe i høstmåneskinn:
Død mann rider
Hans kappe er løv og hans hest er en vind . .
Det knirker og slår i en kirkegårdsgrind
Død mann rider til kirke

Hvem våger å møte den fremmede gjest?
Død mann rider
Slå korstegn for brystet, søk ly hos din prest!
Det kommer en redsel til hest, til hest
Død mann rider til kirke

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me.
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –
And Immortality.

Elana Risle
Beven Nal Morton
Death Coach
The Plateau of Leng

24.4: Pyramid Schemes

GM: Torstein. Characters: Cinir (Lars), Alkas (Martin J.), Mabu (Preben), Sir Verrodin (Matei)

It's not "grave robbing", it's archaeology!
In other words: Morgrave University strikes again.

Dhakaani Guardians
Greater Shadows


Week 25 - February 17

Advancement: People are now Level 13 (gives 7th level-based Feat)

25.1: The Empire Strikes Best

Or "Psychic Wars", Episode II

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Solkashtai (Anniken), Valdemar (Sondre), Ar'gosh (PK), Thariv (Espen)

Apparently comitting acts of terrorism can have consequences. Who knew?
(forecast on giant robotic-elephant-tanks & senile green mentor is still unclear)
((unwanted revelations about family might be impending))

Shadow Marches
Gatekeeper Orcs lead by an orc druid named Vretkag

25.2: The Modern Epimetheus

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;
GM: Henrik. Characters: Jacques (Sigve), Kay (Ole), Orubel (Gry), ( Lorem (Petter) )

"Are you my daddy?"

Mairon Artano Annatar
Soulbound Mannequin
Soulbound Shell
Carrionette (Mr. Punch, Harlequin, Princess Pink)
Tabin d'Cannith
Teesen (the butler)

25.3: The Leng Way Home

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
"Life is but an empty dream!"
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.
GM: Felix. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Cirilli (Tore), Talion (Martin A.), Alkas (Martin J.)

Are you bored of your hum-drum life?
Do you long to just get away from it all?
Why not visit picturesque and eldritch Leng!?!

The vacation location of your dreams!
(well, someone's dreams, at least (or something's…) )

Experience quaint local fauna, up close and in person!
Admire the (pre)historic cyclopean architecture!
Marvel at the colourful ethnic rituals of the King In Yellow!

Arrange your trip today! You won't live to regret it!

Leng Spider
Denizen of Leng
Amy the Choral Angel
The Plateau of Leng


Week 26 - February 24

26.1: The Empire Strikes Best, Part 2

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Meshana (Camilla), Solkashtai (Anniken), Cirilli (Tore)

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Lenkashtai (neé Lenitavi)
Arawan d'Lyrandar
Esravash, Baron of Lyrandar

26.2: Sins of the Father

Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti
Sanctis apostolis omnibus sanctis
Quia peccavi nimis. Verbo et opere.
Mea maxima culpa. Kyrie Eleison!
GM: Henrik. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Alkas (Martin J.), Talion/Ken (Martin A.), Lynx (Karen)

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Harrowton - garrison-town of many surprises
●Taris - the hotel-manager
Tristan - a Gancanagh Azata
Kaith (m) & Kahlia (f) - Half-fiendish teenagers (14 and 15, respectively)
Coref (m) - A 10-year-old half-celestial child
Ehecatzpetlatl - a rare living Couatl (also currently a dad, both biologically & adoptive)
Alestair Desekane - ex-bishop, self-appointed inquisitor, and utterly fanatical zealot
Parua - a long-trapped and mightily frustrated demon

26.3: The Bride of the Necromancer

Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
''Dust thou art, to dust returnest'',
Was not spoken of the soul.
GM: Sondre. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Percy (Bård), Cirezial (Christoffer), Cinir & Thanario (Lars),

"Do you want to kill some zombies?"
"It doesn't have to be just zombies..."

Vylae (wife of Thanario)
Nosferatu (vampire 'subrace')
Gath the Lich

Take if you can, give if you must,
ain’t nobody but yourself to trust!
Aim for the heart, shoot to kill;
if you don’t do it then the other one will!

And the first shall be first
And the last shall be last
Cast your eyes to heaven
You get a knife in the back

26.4: Grand Theft Sharn

Or "Don't Lose Hope", Part 1

GM: Felix. Characters: Kay (Ole), Zog Zog (Sigve), Ari (Julian), Ti'ana (Torstein)

A "skyway robbery", you say?
Don't mind if I do!

Margannt ir'Jaseur
Clockwork Leviathan


Week 27 - March 2

Advancement: People are now Level 14

NB! Generalforsamling

The yearly General Assembly meeting will be held this wednesday, where all the members of the club sit down and go over how the club has been run this past year, and plan out the year to come.

Since no other activities can run at the same time as the meeting, this week's Saga sessions will not begin until after the General Assembly has concluded, and are therefore written as much simpler and shorter scenarios.

Given that it's impossible to know ahead of time exactly how long the meeting will last we can't give an exact startup time, so we recommend everyone to attend the meeting so they'll know when it's over (and because attendance is important for the future success of the club as an organization).

27.1: The Simple Bear Necessities

GM: Henrik. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Ari (Julian), Kay (Ole), Cirezial (Christoffer)

Does the Brelish constitution support the inalienable right to arm bears?

….what about crowning them?

Barbara, the barbarian barber bar-bear
The War Regalia of Galifar
├►The Crown of Cyre
├►The Mantle of Breland
└►The Breastplate of Thrane

27.2: There's One Born Every Minute

Fools rush in
where angels fear to tread,
yet the angels are all in heaven,
while few of the fools are dead.
GM: Felix. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Ti'ana (Torstein), Thanario (Magnus).

Sing, my Angel of Music!!! Sing for me!!!!!
(it's the least you could do after I posted your bail money)

Amy the Choral Angel

27.3: Volatile Solutions

GM: Martin A. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Solkashtai (Anniken), Valdemar (Sondre), Kragath (Pål)

"C'mon baby, light my fire!"

"Cool guys walk away from explosions."

Cannon Golem
Gunpowder Ooze


Week 28 - March 9

28.1: Return of the Quori

Or "Psychic Wars", Episode III

GM: Martin A. Characters: Kehs'shana (Joar), Meshana (Camilla), Solkashtai (Anniken), Arienna (Fredrik)

Fanservice-y slave-outfit!
Absolutely no ewoks!
Being tortured with (force-)lightning….
….eh, two out of three ain't so bad?

(more seriously: guess where we're gonna be this time!)


Pirate Princes of the Lhazaar Principalities:
High Prince Ryger ir'Wynarn - Seadragon Principality (LN, male, human, ranger)
Prince Koulton Brightwind - Wind Whisperers Principality (CN, male, khoravar, ranger / windwright captain)
Prince Lorrister - The Heavenly Fleet (LG, male, aasimar, ranger / paladin)

Other Characters:
Arawan the Bishōnen - Objectified Captive
Cloud's Destiny - Imprisoned Love Interest
Lenkashtai - Commander of the Estrogen Brigade
Durala'der - Who's Your Daddy? (srsly, is it still me?!?)


28.2: Magnum Opus

GM: Henrik. Characters: Jacques (Sigve), Kay (Ole), Firiel (PK), Alkas (Martin J.)

Mairon has just finished his masterwork, a new design he's been working on for decades.
Now he's asking if the player characters would perhaps want to borrow it?
And perhaps do a little field-test of what it can do?

Mr. Punch
Gaia Sotharr
Clockwork: ●Servant, ●Soldier, ●Mage
Tabin d'Cannith
Marut Inevitable

28.3: Apple of Discord

GM: Felix. Characters: "The Green Man" (Tore), "The Swashbuckler" (Torstein), "The Yellow Peacock" (Magnus)

A masquerade ball.

In Zilargo.

…what could possibly go wrong?

Pod People

28.4: A Crisis of Faith

Or "Don't Lose Hope", Part 2

GM: Sondre. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Cinir (Lars), Kragath (Pål), Lorem (Petter)

Someone stole the High Hope district of Sharn.

Maybe someone should get it back?
Before the villain accomplishes his nefarious schemes for it?



Week 29 - March 16

Advancement: People are now Level 15 (gives 8th level-based Feat)

29.1: Dances with Dinosaurs

GM: Felix. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Cirezial (Christoffer), Talion (Martin A.), Jonzi (Gry), Mabu (Henrik)

A rodeo. On the Talenta Plains.
Cue T-rex wrangling & triceratops jousting.
And that's the boring parts of it.

Rhea, daughter of Lathon Halpum
Taka, Lath of the Thunder Tribe
Dias & Vaelin, Valenar elves

Dwarf-wrangler, the baby Threehorn
Snuggles, the Swordtooth Titan

29.2: Diving For Directions

Or "The Quest For the City of Gold", Part 1 of 4

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Cirilli (Tore), Ar'gosh (PK), Lynx (Karen), Solkashtai (Anniken)

(bring snorkel)

Sea Bonze
Marid Genie

29.3: A Crisis of Faith, part 2

Or "Don't Lose Hope", Part 3

GM: Sondre. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Thariv (Espen), Ari (Julian), Kehs'shana (Joar), Fam (Magnus), Kay (Ole)

Ermmm……part of city still missing?
Evil mastermind still enacting vile schemes unopposed?
Someone maybe do something?



Week 30 - March 23

30.1: Hungry Hungry Hobbits

Or "The Talenta Rodeo", Part 2 of 3

GM: Henrik. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Talion (Martin A.), Mabu (Torgeir)

Still with the tribal hobbits.
Still messing around with wild dinosaurs.
Still probably noting that could possibly go wrong during this ethnic festival.

Zari, husband of Taka
Vile Damage

30.2: Taking Out The Trash

GM: PK. Characters: Kay (Ole), Ti'ana (Torstein), Arienna (Fredrik)

Various powerful and highly dangerous villains that the characters have previously defeated need to be transported across half the continent in order to get them locked up in the most severe maxium security prison in this part of the world.

Any since they're the people who defeated these criminals in the first place, the player characters are probably the perfect people to have along to ensure that the convicts actually arrive at the prison without escaping or murdering everyone or worse.

30.3: Charity Case

Or "Don't Lose Hope", Part 4

GM: Sondre. Characters: Solkashtai (Anniken), Thariv (Espen), Lorem (Petter)

Metiris the Radiant Idol
Margannt ir'Jaseur
Ak'chazar Rakshasa


Week 31 - March 30

Advancement: People are now Level 16 (which lets you increase one ability score by +1)

31.1: Wendigo? Wheredigo? Whodigo?

Or "The Talenta Rodeo", Part 3 of 3

GM: Henrik. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Cirezial (Christoffer), Jonzi (Gry), Cirilli (Tore)

Taka, Lath of the Thunder Tribe, and her husband Zari
Flesheater, a Hobbit Prestige Class about cannibalism


Kind friends and companions, together combine
And lift up your voices in chorus with mine
We will drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again

Our ship lies at harbour, she's ready to dock
I wish her safe landing without shake or shock
And when we are sailing away across the sea
I will always remember your kindness to me

31.2: Here's A Health to the Company

Or "The Quest For the City of Gold", Part 2 of 4

GM: Martin A. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Jacques (Sigve), Solkashtai (Anniken), Fam (Magnus)

Take the expedition crew out for a night on the town,
at one of the most legendary nightclubs in Sharn.

Then make sure they're all in one piece and ready for launch the next day.

Vachel Thrace, nightclub owner/manager
Rak Torkaan, Darguun army general
Mulk Torkaan, aspiring jazz-musician & unwilling warlord
the Jumping Horns, the house band
Minette Rouge, contralto-voiced lead singer of the band
Hart Brantby, the band's conductor who also doubles as shardhorn soloist
Nab, a shifty & cautious fence of stolen goods



31.3: Defeating Dreadhold

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kay (Ole), Vyliar (Espen), Ari (Julian), Valdemar (Sondre)

Because breaking someone out of Alcatraz, or from Azkaban, is for n00bs.

Prison break…for Justice!!!

Town of Gaolgate
Zaxon d'Kundarak, Lord Warden of Dreadhold
Melysse Miron, Chosen of the Shadow in the Flame
Briar the Greensinger, musician & folk-hero,
"father" of the independence of the Eldeen Reaches
Slaughterstone Behemoth & ●Eviscerator

31.4: Random Encounters

GM: PK. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Jingrod (Håkon), Lyn (Olava), Klem (Tyler)

Ashbound druids vs Vadalis ranchers, in the Eldeen Reaches

The term for this is "monster mash!!!"

Corpse Lotus
Flying Polyp


Week 32 - April 6


32.1: Raiders of the Lost Clan

Or "The Mines of Mystery", Part 1

GM: Felix. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Kay (Ole), Lyn (Olava), Egen Drossin (Sigve)

And they call it a mine, a mine!

Mror Holds (DWARF TIME!!!)
Noldrunthrone, capital city of Noldrunhold

(also: gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, GOLD!!!!!)

Clipeia, repository of Noldrun Knowledge
Gate Archon
Cairn Linnorm

32.2: Stormreach Safari

Or "The Quest For the City of Gold", Part 3 of 4

GM: Martin A. Characters: Solkashtai (Anniken), Ar'gosh (PK), Valdemar (Sondre), Kehs'shana (Joar)

Step 1: Get sherpas & supplies
Step 2: Trek through jungle
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!!!!!

City of Stormreach
Wayfinder Foundation

Swamp Troll
Old Two-Maw, mutant Swordtooth Titan


32.3: Under New Management

GM: Henrik. Characters: Ari (Julian), Ti'ana (Torstein), Fam (Magnus)

Proactively integrating core competencies to capitalize on complementary synergies.


Saidan Boromar, leader of the Boromar Clan & patriarch of the family
Mala Boromar d'Jorasco, saidan's wife and 2nd-in-command
Councilor Ilyra Boromar, saidan's daughter and representative on the Sharn City Council
●Chameleon-skinned velociraptor having champaign at the opera
Oargev ir'Wynarn, prince of Cyre
Lord Xiomblargh von Haute-Couture, civilized beholder mastermind
●The Daask mafia
House Tarkanan
Laren Boromar d'Tarkanan

32.4: Smell of Napalm in t.Mournland

GM: Håkon. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Cirilli (Tore), Lorem (Petter), Cirezeal (Christoffer), Sir Verrodin (???)

Treasure hunt in the Mournland. Whoo!!!

Oargev ir'Wynarn, prince of Cyre
Shining Child
Keketar Protean


Week 33 - April 13

Advancement: People are now Level 17 (gives 9th level-based Feat)

33.1: The Doom that Came to Noldrun

Or "The Mines of Mystery", Part 2 of 2

GM: Felix. Characters: Kragath (Pål), Cirilli (Tore), Talion (Martin), Cirezeal (Christoffer)

How many hoards could the dwarf lords board,
if the dwarven hordes got gored?

(Boatmurdered? Naaaah, we've never heard of that. Nope. Not at all.)

The Ovearhoard


33.2: The Cost of Wealth

Or "The Quest For the City of Gold", Part 4 of 4

GM: Torstein. Characters: Solkashtai (Anniken), Lorem (Petter), Kehs'shana (Joar), Vyliar (Espen)

Auri Sacra Fames

●The lost "City of Gold"


33.3: Make Sharn Great Again!

GM: Sondre. Characters: Fam (Magnus), Ari (Julian), Arienna (Fredrik), Firiel (PK)

Lord Xiomblargh von Haute-Couture FOR PRESIDENT!

"Why vote for the lesser of two evils?!?!"


33.4: Tick Tock Goes the Clock

GM: Henrik. Characters: Orubel (Gry), Jingrod (Håkon), Kay (Ole), Jacques (Sigve)

I pirouette in the dark;
I see the stars through a mirror. . . , .
Tired mechanical heart
beats till the song disappears.
If only the clockwork could speak
I wouldn't be so alone.
We'd burn every magnet and spring,
and spiral into the unknown.

If I break the glass then I'll have to fly,
there's no one to catch me if I take a dive.
I'm scared of change and the days stay the same:
The world is spinning but only in gray.

Somebody shine a light, I'm frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!
So cut me from the line, dizzy, spinning endlessly
Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!

Mairon the Artificer
Soulbound Shell
Tabin d'Cannith the Clockwork-mastermaker
Clockwork Dragon
Morrigna Psychopomp
Marut Inevitable


Week 34 - April 20

34.1: The People of Eight Winds

GM: Felix. Characters: Fam (Magnus), Ti'ana (Torstein), Lyn (Olava), Egen Drossin (Sigve)

Drama! Hooligans! Fish!

…wait, what?

The Race of Eight Winds

34.2: The Rod of Eight Winds


GM: Fredrik. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Cirezeal (Christoffer), Solkashtai (Anniken), Kay (Ole)

….errrr…..can someone get our trophy back, please?

Before we have to hand it over to the winning team?

34.3: The Attack of Eight Winds

GM: Martin A. Characters: Ari (Julian), Cirilli (Tore), Lorem (Petter), Jingrod (Håkon), Sir Verrodin (Henrik)

What's that, up in the sky?
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

(sigh) If only.

Hareth's Folly
King Boranel of Breland

Oni Fiends:
Spirit Oni
Ogre Mage
Wind Yai Oni


Week 35 - April 27

Advancement: People are now Level 18

35.1: The Race of Eight Winds

Or "Don't Stop Me Now"

GM: Henrik. Characters: Ti'ana (Torstein), Egen Drossin (Sigve), Jovi 'Jonzi' Jonz (Gry)


"Tour de Sharn" / "Flåklypa Breland Grand Prix" / "Cannonball Run"

….but through the air.

With weapons! (unless you bother following the rules)

Tonight I'm gonna have myself
a real good time
I feel alive

And the world
I'll turn it inside out, yeah
I'm floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now
'Cause I'm having a good time

I'm a shooting star
leaping through the sky
Like a tiger
Defying the laws of gravity

I'm a racing car passing by
Like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go, go, go
There's no stopping me

I'm burning through the sky, yeah
200 degrees, that's why they
call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm travelling at the speed of light
I wanna make a
supersonic man out of you

Don't stop me now
I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball

Don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call

I'm a rocket ship
on my way to Mars
On a collision course
I am a satellite
I'm out of control

I'm a sax machine ready to reload
like an atom bomb
About to whoa,
oh, oh, oh, oh, explode

Notable Riders:
Caskar Halavik
Herrick Clearwater

Notable Mounts:
Giant Dragonfly
Glidewing (dinosaur)
Iron Defender (homunculus)

Other People:
King Boranel of Breland
Prince Oargev of Cyre
Metiris, the one-winged (exiled) angel

35.2: Who's your daddy?(and where?)

GM: Felix. Characters: Arienna (Fredrik), Lorem (Petter), Jingrod (Håkon), Kyrd (Noloson?) (Jan Sverre)

This one's a nobleman, this one's a squire
One man will sing in the heavenly choir
One will descend into hell's licking fire
But to tell which is which would take better than I

This one's a father, and this one's a son
One man was right and the other was wrong
But both of them died in the maddening throng
Carry them home, boys, to where they belong

War between brothers. Sire fighting son.
Only division where once there was one.
War between brothers. Son fighting sire.
Kin laid with kin in the funeral pyre.

These two were blinded by jealousy's flame
One pointing fingers the other to blame
One lived in rage and the other in shame
But which was the better of what they became?

This one's a bastard, and this one's a king
Both fought for power and what it would bring
But fighting each other they lost everything

Endworld Mountains
Ceylena & ●Ulhar
Gem Dragon (Sapphire)
Order of the Emerald Claw
Blood of Vol

35.3: Defying Gravity

Or "The Rod of Eight Winds", part 2

GM: Espen. Characters: Kay (Ole), Cirezeal (Christoffer), Solkashtai (Anniken), Fam (Magnus)

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game

Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!

It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
And you won't bring me down

I'm through accepting limits
'Cuz someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!

Unlimited. My future is unlimited
And I've just had a vision
Almost like a prophecy
I know - it sounds truly crazy
And true, the vision's hazy
But I swear, someday I'll be…

Flying so high!
Kiss me goodbye!

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately:
"Everyone deserves the chance to fly!"

I'm defying gravity!
And you won't bring me down!

Metiris the Radiant Idol
The Rod of Eight Winds
Sharn's Manifest Zone to Syrania
●The events at the end of plot nr 30.3 "Charity Case"

35.4: Nobody's on Nobody's Side

Or "The Attack of Eight Winds", part 2

GM: Martin. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Valdemar (Sondre), Lyn (Olava)

What's going on around me
Is barely making sense
I need some explanations fast
I see my present partner
In the imperfect tense
And I don't see how we can last
I feel I need a change of cast
Maybe I'm on nobody's side.

And when he gives me reasons
To justify each move
They're getting harder to believe
I know this can't continue
I've still a lot to prove
There must be more I could achieve
But I don't have the nerve to leave.

Everybody's playing the game
But nobody's rules are the same
Nobody's on nobody's side
Better learn to go it alone
Recognize you're out on your own
Nobody's on nobody's side.

The one I should not think of
Keeps rolling through my mind
And I don't want to let that go
No lover's ever faithful
No contract truly signed
There's nothing certain left to know
And how the cracks begin to show!

Never make a promise or plan
Take a little love where you can

Never stay too long in your bed
Never lose your heart, use your head

Never take a stranger's advice
Never let a friend fool you twice

Never be the first to believe
Never be the last to deceive

And never leave a moment too soon
Never waste a hot afternoon

Never stay a minute too long
Don't forget the best will go wrong

Better learn to go it alone
Recognize you're out on your own
Nobody's on nobody's side.

King Boranel
●The village of Well



Week 36 - May 4

36.1: The Flames Are Also On Fire

GM: Henrik. Characters: Thariv (Espen), Solkashtai (Anniken), Cirezeal (Christoffer).

Hating with the burning fiery passion of a thousand flaming suns,
each of which is made out of other, lesser, suns.

The flames are also on fire.

Lords of Dust

Pyralisia, the Dark Phoenix

36.2: Snicker-Snack

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Egen/Jacques (Sigve), Ari (Julian), Talion (Martin).

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

●The Minister of Magic
The Knights Phantom
The Monster - the Jabberwock

36.3: Total Eclipse of the (h)eart(h)

GM: Håkon. Characters: Lorem (Petter), Kay (Ole), Kragath (Pål), Fam (Magnus)

"When the sun turns quite black,
and star-demons attack,
that's amore!"

(that's a-problem!")

Gath the Lich-Priest of the dead
An army of the Undead
Tzitzimitl - The Death of Worlds, and the Nightshade(s) in its service

●Warden Gaia Sotharr, prisoner of Dreadhold

36.4: A Shoggoth on the Roof

GM: Felix. Characters: Cirilli (Tore), Lyn (Olava), Kehs'shana (Joar).

♪♫♪ "Byakhee, byakhee, fly me through space!" ♪♫♪




Week 37 - May 11

Advancement: People are now Level 19 (gives 10th (and last) level-based Feat)
Note: This is the last level-up for this saga-campaign.
Note: You can show up and join in even if you're not on the lists below. This is merely the people we have been able to plan for thus far, but things are usually adjusted before sessions start, since we have to adapt our plans according to which people actually show and which don't.

If there are ever too many players for us to accommodate, then the people who have been players on the fewest number of game sessions are the ones who get first priority, and the people who have been players on the most sessions who are lowest priority (so they're the ones who won't get to play).


37.1: Follow the Money

GM: Henrik. Characters: Fam (Magnus), Vyliar (Espen), Kragath (Pål).


The Story Thus Far

37.2: The Golden Rule

GM: Håkon. Characters: Egen (Sigve), Solkashtai (Anniken), Talion (Martin), Reaper (Håkon nr 2).



37.3: Crime Shouldn't Pay

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Kay (Ole), Cirilli (Tore), Orubel (Gry), Mabu (Johannes nr 2).
Widdershins%202012-01-30%20%28something%20illegal%29%20C.png Widdershins%202012-07-04%20%28foolishness%29%20C.png

House Tarkanan
Boromar Clan



37.4: The Golden Ticket

GM: Olava. Characters: Ari (Julian), Valdemar (Sondre), Cirezeal (Christoffer).




Part 2: The Root of All Evil

GM: Henrik. Characters: Everyone.

Big "Villains": The Aurum



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