Storm Hag
Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Subtype: Hag

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 7

Known powers: Broomstick flight, child-scent, storm & weather control, covens, "lightning bolt" & "invisibility" as (Sp).

First Encountered: 14.1 "Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble"

Description: "Clad in hides and furs, this creature appears to be a small, ugly woman whose hair, claws, and teeth crackle with sparks of electricity. Her windswept hair billows up from her brow like a thunderhead."

A storm hag resembles a shrunken old woman with a thundercloud of hair stacked atop her wrinkled head. Her mouth hangs open, revealing thin pointed teeth; small arcs of electricity can be seen jumping across her teeth and spittle. Black talons sprout from her fingertips, likewise crackling with electricity.

A storm hag's wrinkled face contains a look of gleeful distaste, and her eyes are thick with cataracts, rendering her gaze pupil-less. A storm hag's hair is wild and unruly with static electricity popping and crackling throughout the mass. Seemingly animated, a storm hag's hair can easily stand as tall as she is.

She usually wears rough furs and coarse woolen clothing that's rarely cleaned, giving her a distinctly unpleasant odor.

Wiry and stooped, a storm hag weighs about 70 pounds and stands a little over 4 feet tall, though if she stood up straight she could easily reach 5 feet or more.

Information: When the clouds turn gray and the winds pick up into a howl, wise travelers pray that the cause is only a natural tempest and that the foul weather isn't connected with a storm hag. Storm hags are hateful creatures, and strangely, their hate is one of the few things that brings them pleasure.

Like most other living things, a storm hag needs to eat, and her favorite meal is the tender flesh of young children. Storm hags use their ability to smell children and young animals to track down their meals no matter where the child has hidden himself.

With their ability to fly by using normal mundane brooms, their insatiable hunger, and the desire to share their hate with others, storm hags can likely appear almost anywhere in the world. They prefer areas that are prone to inclement weather, and enjoy flying through the air during thunderstorms, feeling the static discharge dancing across their warty skin.

Storm hags most frequently claim territory in the wild spaces between settlements where they keep their distance from civilization unless hunting. Like a predator, a storm hag constantly surveys her territory and takes great pains in keeping a secret den she considers always hers.

For the most part, a storm hag is content to remain in one place if the food is plentiful and her shelter is safe and obscured. A storm hag's den is a simple, yet grotesque affair, often located in deep, dark forests or atop craggy mountains, and is always hidden from sight. Cluttered with bones and skins from previous meals, a den's most dominant feature is the storm hag's cauldron.

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