Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (apartment townhomes)
Quarter: Northedge
Ward: Lower Northedge
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Average residences (40), poor residences (220)

First Impression: Balcony orchards line the exterior towers of this quiet residential district, and small parks are scattered throughout the district. A large number of shifters inhabit the area, and shifter children scamper through the trees with great enthusiasm and agility.


Stoneyard is a peaceful residential district, notable primarily for its significant shifter population and the large number of orchards and parks scattered throughout the region. Shifter children often use the parks for hrazhak matches, swinging through the trees and racing through the grass.

A druid named Teln (male shifter) helps to maintain the foliage and tend to those injured while playing hrazhak; in exchange for his services, the locals provide for his needs. Teln follows the Gatekeeper tradition, and sends word to the Gatehouse in Skysedge Park if he sees anything disturbing.


Longstairs district
North ▲
Lower Central ward ◄West Stoneyard East► Outside the city
▼ South
North Market district

Above: Oakbridge (average residential)
Below: Nothing / solid ground
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